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It can be loquacious or use dialogue with parsimony. Some films are centred on searing close-ups, where others favour long shots and painterly compositions. Most were commerical flops, forcing him into long spells during which he wrote about cinema, but could not shoot.

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It wasn't always so. In fact Dreyer started off as a hugely prolific filmmaker, releasing eight films between and , when the golden age of Danish cinema was coming to an end. He later dismissed his early work; but its success at the time paved the way for the job offer that would change his career and, to some extent, the medium itself.

His appointment to shoot a French film about Joan of Arc — France's national heroine, who had just been made a saint in — was scoffed at by many nationalists, who noted that the filmmaker was neither Catholic nor French.

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Rumours that Hollywood star Lillian Gish would take on the lead role only heightened their disdain. Out went the 15th-century battle scenes and epic triumphs, leaving only the tussle between the future saint and a dogmatic church. Throughout the shooting, he filmed his lead actress at mercilessly close quarters, insisting that Falconetti wear no make-up and agree to have her hair shorn.

The result of their collaboration is a performance so absorbing it continues to amaze audiences almost a century on. Today, thinking of everything he has accomplished, Alberto looks back and wishes all unemployed youth could have the same opportunity as he did. The course has had other benefits for Alberto, too, boosting his confidence and self-esteem.

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When he talks about the future of his cooperative, Alberto has big ambitions in mind. And as far as he is concerned, tailoring will always play a big role in his life.

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Home EC-funded projects Case studies. Tailoring allows Alberto to make a real difference to the lives of his family and his community.