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This state of calm centeredness is an aid to exploration of meaning, purpose and values. Contemplative practices can help develop greater empathy and communication skills, improve focus and attention, reduce stress and enhance creativity, supporting a loving and compassionate approach to life. They come in many forms, from traditions all over the world.


Examples of contemplative practices include various forms of meditation, focused thought, time in nature, writing, contemplative arts, and contemplative movement. Some people find that rituals rooted in a religious or cultural tradition soothe their soul. And not all practices are done in solitude—groups and communities can engage in practices that support reflection in a social context.

Contemplative Practices

We encourage you to discover for yourself how contemplative practice, in whatever form is best for you, can enrich your life and work. The Tree illustrates some of the contemplative practices currently in use in secular, organizational and academic settings.

Richard Rohr - A Contemplative Look At The Bible

It does violence even to that minimum of intellectual eagerness which is the portion of a contemplative mind. The eyes were large and gray, the expression that of a contemplative savant, with a faint dash of irony in their glance. Consequently it is not comprised in our division of life into the active and the contemplative.

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Especially on the contemplative side of life, education does great things for us; or would do, if we gave it the chance. But there is a poetic Arcadia none the less, the real Arcadia mirrored in a contemplative mind. Nearby words contemnible , contemp. Examples from the Web for contemplative But it was that period in her life, when her career was just taking shape, that produces her most contemplative answers. The Galaxy, June Various.

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