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The man obviously wanted me to bless her with complete recovery from her illness. That indeed was my intention; both the husband and wife were much-needed pillars in our struggling branch. The woman died the next day, and I presided at her funeral, a sadder but wiser man.

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The divine gift of healing is, therefore, manifested in different ways, tailored to the individual needs of those who are its recipients by Him who knows them best because He loves them most. But the peace, rest, and relief of suffering so devoutly wished for by those whose burdens seem ofttimes unbearable may come not from healing in a medical sense but from the gift of added strength, understanding, patience, and compassion, which enable sufferers to carry their burdens.

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We should not believe that all who suffer from illness, whatever the cause, need only receive a priesthood blessing to have their burdens lifted, perhaps permanently. I am a great advocate and supporter of priesthood blessings. But I know also that God has given us wonderful knowledge that can be of inestimable assistance in dealing with suffering. We must, I believe, take every advantage of such God-given information.

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Some persons who are ill, who have received a priesthood blessing and have prayed fervently that their burdens might be lightened, may feel that they suffer from a lamentable lack of faith if they seek professional help for their affliction. They may even stop taking prescribed medication, thinking erroneously that their faith will replace the need for it.

Such thinking is quite simply wrong. Receiving and acting upon professional advice and the concomitant exercise of faith are not in conflict. In fact, exercising faith may require following the advice of experienced health professionals. As recently as a decade ago only a handful of medical schools in the United Sates offered courses in spirituality and healing, but now more than half do. Particularly with religiously devout patients, evidence is beginning to show that spiritual approaches to the psychotherapy of depression, for example, are at least as effective as those that are purely secular.

A growing number of physicians and psychotherapists now use spiritually oriented approaches and interventions in treating patients with both physical and mental illnesses. We will have a look at subcomponents in detail in the next section. Dependent Component.

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Creating dependent components is another way of letting your dependencies live for a shorter scope. In this case we can create a component called UserComponent dependent on AppComponent and with a custom scope UserScope. In this case the dependent component can only access explicitly exposed dependencies from the other component via an interface. Dependent Component lives as an independent object.

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So, UserScope is the scope of all the dependencies related to any user. We will be using the example of a Pokemon app to learn the difference between a subcomponent and a dependent component. You can find all the demo code uploaded here. Kotlin version here. In this article, we are going to focus on two main cases.

We have our AppComponent which exposes a dependency called schedulerProvider.

LoginComponentImpl is a subcomponent of our AppComponent. We have a Singleton AppComponent which exposes schedulerProvider. It also exposes a Builder for LoginComponent We will use this later.

Our DahakaApplication is responsible for creating the AppComponent. UserManager is a singleton dependency.

Why Belief in God Is Innate

After we login, we get a Pokemon instance from server which is our User. We start the session by building our UserComponent.

Note that we need to provide an instance of our appComponent to the UserComponent to access dependencies like schedulerProvider.