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Swingers Erotica. Young Adult Erotica. Erotica Catalogue. Erotica Authors. Harding's Institute - Commander James Bondage. Chained Submission - Domina Martine. Her Private Dungeon - Domina Martine. Dancer - R. The Young Women of St. Evals - Simon Grail. Rebel Captives - Powerone. Losing Hope - Peter King. Tara's Guilt Trip - Argus. The Rancher's New Hire - Argus. Ponygirl Paige - Crimson Rose. Discipline Island - Simon Grail.


The Depravity Exhibition - Simon Grail. Extra Tuition - Alexa Reardon. Club Harem Slave - Vittoria Lima. Slaves of Atlantis - David Anjou. Simon Grail. Paul Blades. Peter King. Mark Andrews. Diana Philbrick. Natasha Taylor. We change our selection every 4 hours. Click Cover For Details. Click here for larger cover. Email me when books by this author are published. When Charli runs into Ella, an old school friend, it sparks talk of old memories of their days spent growing up, including the club house they used to share when they were younger where they only had one rule - No Boys Allowed.

Charli and Ella reunite with a third girl pal from their youth, as well as some new club members. Quickly the old club house gets started up again, and the same rule of No Boys Allowed still applies. Only this time, it's far less innocent. We do not recommend this book for readers under 18 years of age No. Current all-time sales ranking: After some thinking, she decided on who she wanted to have over: Becky, Sarah, Amber, Candace, and Holly. She called each one in turn, and got them all to agree.

All Danielle had to do now was wait. The day of the party arrived, and everything was good to go. Danielle was very excited, and couldn't wait for her friends to arrive. Finally the doorbell rang.

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It was early yet, but Danielle answered it anyway. There was Sarah, with a wrapped box in her hands, which she thrust at Danielle. As they hugged, Sarah whispered in Danielle's ear "You're gonna have fun with this, I guarantee it! Before Danielle could ask what she meant, she moved away and put her sleepover bag in the living room where the girls were going to be sleeping.

The doorbell rang again, this time it was Candace. Eventually all the girls arrived, and they all went and sat in the living room and tried to figure out what kind of food to order for dinner. They ultimately decided on pizza, and ordered it. To pass the time waiting for the pizza, Becky suggested they play a little game of Spin the Bottle, just for fun. Danielle took the bottle and spun it. The nose pointed to Candace. Danielle crawled over to Candace and gave her a wet kiss on the lips. She felt a small pang of something in her nipples, but ignored it.

Then she went back to her place, all the while the girls were all laughing. The game continued until the pizza arrived. They ate in relative silence, all enjoying the sudden silence. Danielle kept thinking about that kiss from a few minutes before. They didn't bother to clean up; they just shoved the pizza boxes and plates to one side.

The girls agreed that it was time for Danielle to open her presents. Danielle thought to herself 'I'll open Sarah's last. The rest of the presents were also things she liked very much. Finally she got to Sarah's gift. She took the box in her hands, and slowly pulling off the ribbons, remembering what Sarah had said to her at the door when she arrived. Danielle was half-scared, and half-excited to know what the present was.

As the top of the box came off, Danielle blushed beet red.

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Lying there in the box, surrounded by tissue paper, was an eight inch silver vibrator, shining brilliantly in the light. She looked over at Sarah, who was grinning like a jackal, obviously pleased at Danielle's embarrassment. Danielle closed the box and put it behind herself, ignoring the other girls' questions of "What is it???

Danielle wasn't really paying attention to it however; she was too busy contemplating the vibrator she held in the box beside her. Lost in thought, Danielle didn't notice right away that Sarah was staring at her. When she did notice, she smiled at Sarah, holding eye contact for a moment, but Sarah just turned away and kept watching the movie. The rest of the movie passed uneventfully, but Danielle's thoughts were still dwelling on the silver monstrosity. The movie ended around midnight, and Danielle suggested they get changed for sleep. The girls all went into the bathroom one by one, and changed into the clothes they had brought to sleep in.

Danielle noted what each was wearing when they came out. Holly was wearing a short tank top and boxer shorts, exposing a lot of flesh to Danielle's eyes. Becky was wearing a long shirt and no pants, just her underwear underneath. Amber came out wearing some pajamas that were obviously way too small for her, and Danielle could see Amber's breasts straining against the tight material. When Candace came out of the bathroom from changing, she was wearing a long robe, and Danielle could see a bit of a lacy top underneath the robe.

Sarah went last; she returned wearing a one-piece cotton outfit, tight in all the right places. Danielle went up to her room to change. She got up there and closed the door, leaning against it. She felt a slight burning in her crotch, and knew what it meant. She looked at her breasts and saw that the nipples were hard, and wondered how long they had been so.

She took off her pants and shirt, and removed her bra and socks, and lay on her bed for a moment wearing only her thong. Unconsciously her hand slid to her nipple, and she began to massage it between her fingertips. Her other hand went to her other nipple, and began the same treatment. Her left hand began to head towards her crotch but she stopped herself. She got dressed in some Mickey Mouse pajamas, and returned downstairs where the girls were waiting. They had all picked sleeping bags already, and were snug in them, all lying on their bellies looking into the middle of the circle the bags made.

Danielle saw that the only one left empty was the one between Sarah and Candace. She moved to it and got in, zipping it up, and facing inwards like the rest of them. Candace said "OK girls, who wants to play 'Truth or Dare'? Amber proclaimed, "I get to go first! I Dare you to french kiss Holly for 10 seconds. Sarah asked Danielle then, "Truth or Dare? Sarah giggled for a moment, then said "Oooo I have a good one She decided to do it anyway; she didn't want to seem like a wuss.

She slowly went over to her friend, and was mesmerized as Holly seductively pulled the straps of her tank top off her shoulders, and then painfully slowly pulled it down until her beautiful breasts bounced free of the shirt. Danielle sat down beside her, and put one hand on each breast, and slowly began to massage her friend's ample assets. Holly leaned back a bit, supporting herself on her hands, and thrusting her breasts out some more, and Holly opened her mouth in silent pleasure.

A small moan pierced the silence that had overcome the room. Danielle turned to see Sarah sitting cross-legged on her sleeping bag; rubbing her crotch with one finger through her clothes Hotter than Sofia Vergara walking through a five-alarm fire, Nate? You smooth talker. But my boobs were never that good, even when I was half the age I am now. Truth be told, though, how many women's tits could compare to Sofia's?

But Barb could honestly say that she had nothing to be embarrassed about where her own body was concerned. Having seen the way many of her female relatives on the Mueller side had ballooned out when they hit their thirties, she made it a point to hit the gym three nights a week. Her legs were long and as trim as they had been when she was twenty-five. Her hair was dark and thick, falling past her shoulders, and the first strands of silver hadn't yet dared to put in an appearance.

And if the not-so-subtle glances she caught from some of the fathers at Nate's hockey games were any indication, her face and body were just as attractive as they had always been. She stretched her arms over her head, smiling proudly as her breasts lifted with the motion. She cupped one firm mound in her hand. A pair of perfectly respectable c-cups, and if they hadn't been getting the attention she wanted, well, that was no one's fault but hers.

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She snorted. As if her career could survive having a female lover! Even though Rapid City was cosmopolitan by the standards of South Dakota, it was still deeply conservative. It might not be legal to fire her for being bisexual, but there were dozens of other ways she could be eased out the door of North Star Realty. And what would happen to her and Nate then? Sure, they could move. But why risk it when her son was only months away from leaving for college? She pulled her personal computer out of the carrying case and set it on the bed. In a few minutes she had turned it on and had pulled up an adult movie she had downloaded several months ago.

It was the work of moments to fast-forward to her favorite part. I don't wantto be a lesbian! Stop it! The wording was very clear. But then, no one pays attention to the fine print anymore. They came, pulling the blond woman with them. One elegant fingernail stroked her throat. The tip pricked into the skin under her chin, forcing her to raise her head. After you've Changed, you'll never want to have sex with men again. I'll give the money back! I don't need it that bad!

I'll find another job! With gleeful laughter, the two women dragged her towards an object that looked like a bastardized telephone booth from the s. Thick electrical cables snaked away in every direction. Opening the clear plastic door, they threw Heather inside, then closed and locked the Machine before she could force the door open. Summers smiled, the expression dark and amused, as Heather beat vainly on the walls with her fists. A deep hum sounded throughout the room. Around the sides of the structure, colored lights began to flash on and off in random patterns.

Inside the Machine, Heather looked around in fright. The perspective changed. Suddenly the point of view shifted to Heather. A soft, hypnotic voice began to sound within the confines of the Machine. You want women. Only women. You don't want men. Men are ugly. Women are beautiful. Soft, loving, caring, and nurturing. A kaleidoscopic array showed. Bare rear ends, pale white or tanned or dark as chocolate, but all perfectly formed, wanting only a loving, stroking touch.

An amazing array of breasts, from flat little fried-egg boobs to massive DDs. From small aereolae to huge, jutting nipples. Image after image of women's labia, either teasingly closed or widespread and glistening with female nectar. The perspective shifted again. With a hiss, the door of the Machine opened. Heather staggered out, barely keeping herself from falling as she stumbled forward.

Then, slowly, she straightened. Gone was the terrified girl who had entered the Machine. In her place was a confident young woman. Her back was straight, her pose almost arrogant. A discerning observer would notice that the crotch of her panties was damp, the transparent material framing the outlines of her nether lips.

Her halter top was all but torn away, her large breasts exposed. They were red, the nipples standing high and erect, as if Heather had been fondling herself while in the Machine. Summers was a little shocked by the young woman's transformation. The woman smiled. Her eyes were darkly predatory. Leaping, she bore the older woman back on the examination table. The two assistants shrieked and ran out the door. With superhuman strength, Heather ripped open the lab coat, revealing two large breasts. Two more rips, and Dr. Summers was naked from head to toe, her narrow waist and full hips blatantly exposed.

Mewling with her need, Heather opened her mouth wide, suckling on a turgid nipple. As the doctor writhed under her, emitting feeble protests, she switched to the other breast. All the while, her hand slipped up her thigh until her fingers had plunged into her vagina. She thrust them in and out of the older woman, until her fingers were wet and dripping.

She slid down her body until her face was near Dr. Summers' crotch. Her hands grabbed her under her knees, spreading her legs high and wide.

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Summers begged, but her motions belied her words. Her hips rocked upward, slowly rolling her sweet mound towards Heather's face. Stop it. Heather paused and a semblance of sanity returned to her eyes. Maybe for you it's all about control, and that's what makes your pussy all hot and wet and drippy. Then you will truly realize how wonderful being a lesbian is. Summer's cleft, her tongue licking and probing at her opening. In moments, the doctor had her hands fisted in her blond hair, and her hips were jerking involuntarily into her face. She tried to keep the joyful sounds of her own climax quiet.

She didn't think that Nate would ever mention it, if he heard her, but some things were better off unknown. She closed her eyes as the last waves of her orgasm rippled through her body, suffusing her with pleasure. Thank God for the internet. After Ray left, she'd had no outlet for her sexual desires. Despite the gains made by same-sex couples, women were a practical impossibility for her. And she didn't want to get involved in another relationship with a man.

Downloading and masturbating to lesbian erotica was one of the few methods she had of releasing her sexual tensions. She turned off the computer, then the bedside lamp, and squirmed underneath the bedclothes, the clean sheets and warm, heavy comforter fighting off the December chill. She sighed and turned over, if not happy, at least content. It was two days later. The brutal chill of Friday had moderated somewhat, though it was still achingly cold outside to someone who had lived in southern California for most of the previous decade.

As Heather knocked on the Shroyer's door, she eyed the lowering clouds distrustfully. The air had a raw, damp feel to it. The inner door opened, and an amazingly attractive dark-haired woman stood framed in the doorway. Her hand worked at the inner latch, then pushed the outer door open. She returned the smile, with interest. No question where Nate got his looks from. I'm Heather, from next door.

The food was wonderful. Ebooka przeczytasz w aplikacjach Legimi na: Androidzie. Windows Windows Phone. Ciemno, prawie noc Joanna Bator. Stulecie Winnych. Tom I. Tam, gdzie serce twoje Krystyna Mirek. Tom II.

While the Boys are Away

Tom III. Pokolenie Ikea Piotr C. Hold you close Corinne Michaels, Melanie Harlow. Oooohhh, your prick is so big and hard. I love it! I'm gonna cum! She smiled and patted his cheek. Let's get the fuck out of here, Heather Anne. She kicked off her stilettos, walked out the door, and left her old life behind. South Dakota. I must have been out of my mind. I'm home. Can you hear me? Real nice. What do you want for supper? I'm going to change. I think we'll have leftovers from Thanksgiving.

You wasted leftover turkey in soup? And was there any interesting mail? I just moved to the area. My name's Heather. I didn't mean to embarrass you. Take as long as you need. He pulled off his hat and gloves and unzipped his coat. No family? Maybe about thirty years old. Though I could be wrong.