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If the most successful method is proven to work consistently, Ren believes chemists will adopt it. It's not just about methods and protocols for Ren.


He is also involved in a number of collaborations that put his algorithms to the test, exploring the relationship between rigidity and protein-ligand binding, and searching for inhibitors to proteins that are involved in cancer and other diseases. Structure of benzamidine-bound trypsin and chemical structure of the trypsin ligands. Credit and Larger Version. Related Websites LiveScience. Contact Help Search search.

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Home News. We use cookies to provide you with a better experience, read our Cookie Policy. During drug development initiatives, analysis of drug-target residence times can lead to improved efficacy. This guide provides technical background on concepts and techniques for use of Transcreener biochemical assays to measure drug-target residence times in a high throughput format.

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Download the free guide from BellBrook Labs. Octet systems enable real-time, label-free analysis for determination of affinity, kinetics, and concentration. Significantly easier, faster, and better characterization of drug candidates and biotherapeutics is possible, providing greater value in drug development applications. Swinney, D. Nat Rev Drug Discov.

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From theory to practice. Letters Drug Design Discov. Pharm Med. Curr Opin Drug Discov Devel.

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Schuetz, DA, et al. The conjugated enzyme can create a colorimetric reaction when exposed to a chemical substrate.

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The amount of antigen present is directly correlated to the intensity of the color change. A similar scenario could be used in an MSD assay, but several key differences exists that allow the dynamic range and sensitivity to be improved.

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When performing a sandwich style MSD assay, the capture antibody is attached to the bottom of the well, but the bottom of an MSD well contains an electrode rather than plastic. All of these techniques can also be used on the Meso Scale Discovery platform. For direct assays, the antigen is bound to the electrode and a primary antibody bound to the Ru metal ion is used to detect the presence of the antigen.

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Indirect assays are similar in that the antigen is bound to the electrode but a secondary antibody is used that binds to the primary antibody.