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Actually I can only suggest to save often. Not sure if I'm just getting really good RGN but the game feels a bit on the easy side especially due to the Artifact. The music is alright but does get repetitive so a mute option would be appreciated. I also got stuck on Earth Core 3 after a warp blocked the exit to the next floor.

As I said to Rad, the game is pretty easy. I should have to balance better enemies stats, because after you earn a certain amount of ATK and DEF you become untouchable. Yes, you can already disable music and sounds in main menu. I never encountered that bug. Hope it wasn't too annoying, I don't think to support the game anymore for many factors resources management first of all. The game froze immediately after I started the game, it was stuck on the loading screen. I didn't even get to play it.

Fiercely Independent. Independant? Crap.

That's awful, I never imagined such problems. Try to play it in another browser or in another machine; are the only solutions I could think. PM me if necessary! At least m,ake it so that there is the right chest at the same floor when we find a key. I found three golden tripple keys in one run and then two diamond keys, but no treasure chests to use them on.

I threw the two useles keys into the wishing well, but only got mediocre items from diamond keys. Why not making it so that you can throw items into the well to get some exp or a random healing item? And finding a rare chest without having the chance of finding the key on the same floor nor a way to get back to collect it later is a dick move too. There was a golden chest in one of the floors, but I only found a golden triple key later. What's up with the mystical plants?

The tips can't be read unless you take a screen shot at the right time or you are Superman or can slow down time like Quicksilver. It's better not to pick up any plants except for the ones that heal you. Items and grinding are better ways to increase your stats. More wooden chests with keys or a healing item inside them would be nice. Stalagmites or other damaging traps right in the path so you have to ignore the monsters my precious exp is kinda annoying.

You absolutely right, I was thinking the same.

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As I said, the randomness of items it's quite annoying. While testing in these days, I only found "Triple Key" and no chest. For the "Pit of Wishess" yeah, that's an idea, even for tips: I will fix all that things in the next update. Otherwise they would not make sense to exists.

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Sort By: Date Score. HealliesGames responds: First the idea was to make an anti-cheat save. Despite all that, I enjoyed the time I spent playing this game, good work and keep it up! Rebirth 6 is told completely by a totally new character, giving a whole new twist on the scene. The master's first acquaintance with his prisoner had come through the arrest records, and what he read there confirmed his long-held belief that the torturers of the Eternal Dungeon were fools.

Their hope in prisoners' rebirth seemed to be based on the belief that prisoners' evil nature was shaped by the people around them: that if the prisoners met the right people, their natures could be shaped back to their original goodness. The master considered this theory to be muck. In his experience, most people who did evil had been evil from the day they were born. This boy was a clear example. His early childhood had been no harder than that of many other children, and his time in the band had been, by the witness of the children and of those who had seen the boy during those years, a relatively pleasant period.

There was no reason the boy should have turned to criminal torture — unless he was a boy born to do evil until someone stopped him by strangling him It seems to me," he said slowly, "that your friends are looking at the matter from the wrong side round. The question isn't whether the evil men of this world should receive punishment.

The question is what happens to the hearts of men who decide to inflict such punishment on their own, in time of anger. It's quite possible, you know, to become as evil as the wickedness you're punishing. If you fear reading them because the physical manifestation of torture doesn't appeal, you'll miss a truly great read. The Eternal Dungeon is in essence the story of psychology. It's a story about the mind, not the body. It's a story about madness and sanity.

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It's the story about love given unreservedly to one who feels undeserving of that love. It's a story about sacrifice on every level. And if you're still worried, there is a HFN at the end. View 2 comments. I love this series even though I hate when authors shows sadists or masochists as truly crazy and needing the care of a psychologist mind healer as they are called in this book.

Layle is loosing his mind. He isn't sure if he won't harm prisoners; so he takes a leave. Why authors always describe sadists as people unable to control themselves and their sexual urges? Not that this part of the story is not good. It's clear that Mrs. Peterson is a believer Christian since she gave quotes from the bible. And her vision of good and bad is in accordance with her values.

I'm not a believer and even if I am a sadist more a masochist but a sadist too , I don't agree at all with her vision of sadists being what they are because of their painful backgrounds. I was born like that. Nobody made me that way. So why do they always only speak of the crazy ones? The premises and the settings are dark. It's not about BDSM at all, it's about real torture of prisoners. But the torturers do their "job" for the prisoner's good, to get them confess their crimes, to accept responsibility for their actions and to show some regret, so they can get a spiritual "rebirth".

When Elsdon is in the Hidden Dungeon, Aeden great character, by the way , his torturer explaines that when you force a prisoner to feel bad about their evil deeds you are crueler than when you torture their bodies, because then you deprive them of their own conscience, that's their souls that you are torturing. I love that part, because the author made us walk on the border between moral and immoral. It's very well written. She took care not to use a too modern vocabulary and wording, so we feel we're reading an old book. She is a good story teller. If I gave only 4 stars is because of the "mad sadistic" part, even though that part is interesting too.

Nov 26, Elaine White rated it it was amazing Shelves: favourites , divine-magazine-reviews , historical , dom-sub-bdsm. Book — Rebirth Eternal Dungeon Vol. Symbolic, once you know what it means. What can I say? This book ripped my heart out and then ground it to dust, taking great delight in the brutal act. The only thing Layle would lament was that the pain didn't last longer.

I'll admit, I was scared to start. I've enjoyed very few dark reads, because they're either not taken far enough into the darkness or we're taken too far into the mind of a sadist who brutalises the MC we're come to love. The balance is so hard to reach, but this one did it. It was brilliantly written, complex and the author didn't apologise for being brutal and blunt. But once I started, I was thrilled by what I read. From the first story Rebirth 1: The Breaking, I was captivated.

The inserts from Psychologists with Whips: A History of the Eternal Dungeon were so intriguing and weird, in a good way, that I couldn't wait to read more.

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When it comes to characters, I completely fell in love with Elsdon. He was innocent, charming and yet dark in a way that was almost contrary to his nature, yet made perfect sense because of the way his story was told. Mr Smith and Mr Sobel intrigued me right from the start, because they were so mysterious and didn't get to show their POV for a long time.

I actually think that worked in their favour. Mr Smith, however — Layle Smith — is such an enigma. I honestly have never known a more confusing, more passionate, darker or self-conflicted characters. His relationship with Elsdon is beautiful, right from the start. Mr Bergsen, the healer, was interesting; a small character who had a huge impact on the main characters.

When the big reveal came, I was thrilled to get answers that made sense. On top of that, I admit that Rebirth 6: Tops and Sops really confused me; the character was a total mystery, difficult and intriguing. For the first page or two, I really thought it was going to be a separate story maybe leading into the next book and that my time with Elsdon and Layle was over.

Then, the shock of all shocks came, and not only was I relieved, I was crying and being a big blubbering sop and You know why. It was not only gut-wrenching, captivating and completely devastating, but it was kind of beautiful, too. The flashbacks! God, the flashbacks killed me over and over and over again. By the big, huge revelation of epic proportions came right at the end of Rebirth 2: Love and Betrayal, I was in total shock. I can't even describe what it did to me except to say that seeing Elsdon through Layle's eyes was hard on my heart.

I'm still not sure how I survived. Literally, that one word, alone. Each story, bar 6 which deviated with a 1st person POV , had the 3rd person, main focus of Elsdon's POV with generally one other character giving him a break, as well as a continuing storyline running throughout.

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  8. Elsdon and Layle's relationship and the challenges they faced were a constant source of plot, even into that final story. The extra POV's — Garrett, Chapman and Layle — were vital to the understanding of events that Elsdon wasn't present for and it was great to have that added information. It's the kind of story that hooks you from page 1 and with each page just digs its claws in a little further, until — before you know it — you're flesh and blood with the story, the characters and you have such an investment that putting ti down for a drink, food or the loo is just impossible and unthinkable.

    Thank you. Thank you for this story, for these characters, the stealing me away from a cold Winter day and giving me a hot prison to feel like home, a little cell of my own to feel safe and Layle and Elsdon to restore my faith in humanity. Allowing oneself to be searches is an act of courage. Will anyone ever manage to write the story of a sweet and courageous submissive helping his tormented but formidable dominant get it together?

    Yes, and here it is!

    MDI Timetrials: Maw of Souls 07:30 - Naowh - Blood DK

    It's hot like [cough], and soul-searing beyond romance. Yes, it is a BDSM relationship, rooted in love and compassion and consent - and somehow the realness of the dungeon setting makes it hotter without squicking me, wimpy as I am about actual torture. I know it doesn't sound possible, but it is. And this is only the beginning of an Will anyone ever manage to write the story of a sweet and courageous submissive helping his tormented but formidable dominant get it together?

    And this is only the beginning of an epic - you can follow this couple all the way through the Eternal Dungeon series. This is the Volume 1 of the series, containing six different parts. I would strongly recommend getting them all together here, because they work together as an amazing story, and you won't want to skip around.

    After you read this volume, you can pick up any part of Volume 2: Transformation , or Volume 3: The Balance. But when Volume 4: On Guard comes out, that's another one you will probably want to read as a unified story. This was a strange book. I'm not sure I could explain how without giving spoilers, because a lot of what made it so compelling was learning about the world and the characters gradually.