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He would decide whether any people were good. If he found any good people, he would save them. He decided to save Noah and his family. See verse 8. But everyone else died in the flood. Compare this with the story that Jesus told about crops and bad plants.

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See Matthew The farmer did not remove the bad plants, because good crops were among them. He waited until the harvest. God does not remove evil things immediately when good things are among them. He waits until the right time. So he waited for years and he did not remove evil men immediately. He waited until the right time. In that way, he could save Noah and his family.

He saw that they were very wicked. He saw that men always thought in evil ways. And he saw that men always desired evil things. He was extremely sad. I will remove them from the earth. I will kill men and animals and birds. I will kill all that crawl on the ground. I am sorry that I made them. God made people who were images of himself. So people were like God. God is good. So people were good. God can do anything. So people could choose what they would do. And people chose to do things that God had forbidden. That was the beginning of the evil things that men did. After that, men became more wicked.

God was extremely sad. God is a judge. He removes things that are evil. But he loves everything that he has made. Especially, he loves people. He is very sad when he has to kill people. Noah was a good man. There was no blame on him, among all those who were alive at that time. Noah walked with God. Their names were Shem, Ham and Japheth. All the people who were on the earth often attacked each other. And he saw that it was evil. All the people who were on the earth lived in an evil way. People who are on the earth attack each other. I will kill men and I will destroy the earth too.

Cover both the inside of it and the outside of it. Its length must be metres. Its width must be 25 metres. Its height must be 15 metres. Finish the roof to half a metre at the top. Make a lower deck, a middle deck and an upper deck. He had certainly done things that were wrong. But he was a good man. And God had forgiven any wrong things that Noah had done. When God made everything, it was very good.

But when Noah lived, everything was evil. This change started when Adam and Eve did not obey God. The effect of their deed spread to everything. It was like a ship. Bitumen is a black substance that people find in the ground. People put it on cracks in ships so that the ships do not leak. Noah must have taken many years to build such a large thing.

And he must have trusted God completely. Otherwise, he would not carry out such a big task. The width of the gap must be half a metre. It will kill all animals that breathe under the sky. All that lives will die. Everything that is on the earth will die. Each pair shall be one male and one female. Take pairs of every kind of animal. Take pairs of everything that crawls. Keep them all alive. Store it. It shall be food for you and for the animals. God told Noah to take pairs of animals. Each pair was a male and a female.

God did not tell Noah at this time how many pairs he should take. Later, God explained more details to Noah. Then he told Noah to take 7 pairs of some kinds of animals. I have seen you as a good person among those who are alive now. Take males and females. Take one male and one female of each kind of animal that is not clean. So you will keep birds of every kind alive on the earth.

It will rain for 40 days and 40 nights. I will kill every living animal that is on the earth. I will kill all those that I have made. God chose Noah from among the people who were alive at that time. God chose Noah so that Noah could live a good life with God. For example, people ate the meat of sheep and cows. There were some animals that people did not eat. See Leviticus So Noah took pairs of every kind of animal. He took his sons with him. And he took pairs of animals that were not clean. He took pairs of birds. He took pairs of everything that crawls on the ground.

The water of the flood came on the earth. In month 2, on day 17, the water came. The water rose up from the deep seas and heavy rain fell from the sky. His 3 sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth, also went in. Animals of every kind that were not clean went in. Animals of all kinds that crawl on the ground went in. Birds of every sort went in. They were pairs of every kind that breathes. They had done what God told them to do. We must trust Christ, as God tells us to do. All birds died. All clean animals died. All animals that were not clean died. All the many animals on the earth died. And every man died.

He killed people and animals. He killed everything that crawls. He killed the birds. God removed them from the earth. Many years later, Jesus Christ used this event to teach people. It tells us about the end of the world. Before the flood, people lived in an ordinary way. They ate and they drank. They married wives. They did not know that the flood would come. Then the flood came and it killed them. Jesus said that the end of the world will be like that. People who do not know God will live in an ordinary way. They will eat and they will drink. They will marry wives.

They will not know that Jesus will come back again. And what happens then will be like the flood. But anybody who continues to trust God will be safe. And God made a wind blow over the earth. Then the water decreased. He stopped the rain so that it did not come down from the sky. After days, the water had gone.

On the first day of month 10, Noah saw the mountain tops. It means that at this time God acted to help Noah. The raven flew about until the water disappeared from the earth. Noah needed to know whether the water had disappeared from the earth. It had in its mouth a fresh leaf, which it had picked from a tree.

Then Noah knew that the water had disappeared from the earth. Then he sent out the dove. It did not return again. A raven is a black bird that can live on mountains. It can eat dead animals. There were dead animals on the mountains. A dove is a bird that likes to live in valleys. The dove returned because the water still covered the valleys. Nowadays people use a picture of a dove that carries a leaf of an olive tree.

On the first day of the first month, it disappeared. He looked out. He saw that there was no water on the ground. Take your wife with you. Bring out the birds and the animals. Bring out every animal that crawls on the earth. Then they will have large families. They will increase so that they will fill the earth. His sons went with him. Every crawling animal and every bird went out. Each family went out together. He took one of every kind of clean animal. He took one of every kind of clean bird. Although men are evil, I will not do that. This is so even when they are young.

I will never again kill every living animal as I have done. And they will gather crops. There will be cold and there will be heat.

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There will be summer and there will be winter. There will be day and there will be night. These things will never end. They were a gift to God.

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Many ancient people burned animals. The animals died as a sign that Christ would die on the cross. Nowadays, we put our trust in Christ, who saves us. Each animal that they killed was a sign of Christ. Before the flood, all people were evil except for Noah and his family. God killed the evil people. But God knew that people would still be evil.

Good people and bad people will live together while the earth remains. He decided that he would not do it again. Every bird that flies in the air will be afraid of you. All animals that crawl will be afraid of you. All the fish in the sea will be afraid of you. I have given them all to you. I gave the green plants to you as food. Now I give everything to you. You must not eat it while the blood is in it.

Every animal or man who kills a person must die. If anyone kills his brother, he must die. This is because God made men as images of himself. Have many children and fill the earth. God began to teach men that blood is especially important. Later, he taught this to men in other ways.

See Exodus , Jesus died so that he could remove our blame. When he died, he gave his blood for us. Jesus has saved those who trust him. People are very important to God. He said clearly that no-one may kill a person. And God explained an extra reason for this. Therefore, if one kills a person, that is an attack on God. God did not say that it was wrong. But we may want to know whether it is right nowadays.

For that, we must study also what other parts of the Bible say. We must not decide that from this verse only. I make my firm agreement with you. I make it with your family who will come after you. I make it with the birds. I make it with the clean animals that are on the earth. I make it with the animals that are not clean. Never in the future will I kill all that is alive by a flood.

Never in the future will a flood destroy the earth. An agreement is different from a promise. God made promises to people and he also made agreements with people. He made this firm agreement with Noah. And later he made a firm agreement with Abraham. When two people agree with each other, there is an agreement. Both people must agree. But God is the God who can do anything.

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He can do what he wants to do. And he can do it when people do not agree. But he chose to meet Noah as one person meets another person. As two people may make an agreement, so God and Noah made an agreement. God often meets us as one person meets another person. See James God used to speak to Moses as a man speaks to his friend. See Exodus We must obey God. But God meets us as if we were his friends or his relatives. I have also made it between me and every animal that is with you.

This firm agreement will last for all ages. It shall be a sign of the firm agreement that is between me and the earth. The water will never in the future become a flood so as to kill all animals. And I will remember the firm agreement that will last for all ages. That is the firm agreement that is between me and all living animals of all kinds. It is a firm agreement between me and all living animals that are on the earth. This may not mean that God put his rainbow in the cloud for the first time.

Perhaps there had been rainbows before and Noah had seen them. But before this time the rainbow was not a sign.

God told Noah that the rainbow would be a sign of his firm agreement with all people and animals. It was a firm agreement that God would not again destroy all people and animals by a flood. Ham was the father of Canaan. The families of these sons became the inhabitants of the whole earth. He planted vines and he made wine. Then he lay in his tent and he was naked. He went out of the tent. Then he told his two brothers what he had seen. They backed into the tent. Then they covered their naked father with the coat.

They turned their faces away. Therefore, they did not see their father while he was naked. Then he knew what his youngest son had done to him. And what Japheth did was not wrong. And verse 25 shows us that Canaan had done something wrong. But there were many fathers and sons between David and Jesus. But we do not know what Canaan did to Noah. After the flood, they became the fathers of sons. Each family lived in its own country. And each family spoke its own language. Genesis tells us the less important families first.

After that, it tells us the more important ones. So Genesis tells us the family of the youngest son, Japheth, first. Then it tells us the family of Ham. When it has done that, it tells us the more important family of Shem. Nimrod was the first strong man on the earth. All these cities are in the country that is called Shinar. Gaza is on the way to Gerar. It also stretched to Lasha. Lasha is on the way to Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah and Zeboiim. After this chapter, they are names of countries. Shem was the father of all the children of Eber.

Shelah became the father of Eber. One was called Peleg, because the earth divided during his life. Mesha is on the way to Sephar. And it stretched to the hill country that is in the east. These are their families and their nations. From these people the nations spread over the earth after the flood. They all had one set of words. Enraged, Cain kills his brother. God exiles Cain from his home to wander in the land east of Eden. Adam and Eve give birth to a third son, Seth.

Through Seth and Cain, the human race begins to grow. Ten generations pass, and humankind becomes more evil. God begins to lament his creation and makes plans to destroy humankind completely. God speaks to Noah and promises to establish a special covenant with Noah and his family. Noah does so, his family and the animals enter the ark, and rain falls in a deluge for forty days, submerging the earth in water for more than a year.

God promises that from this new fertile earth will follow an equally fertile lineage for Noah and his family. But humankind must follow certain rules to maintain this favor: humans must not eat meat with blood still in it, and anyone who murders another human must also be killed. God vows never to destroy the earth again, and he designates the rainbow to be a symbol of his covenant. One night, Noah becomes drunk and lies naked in his tent. Related Media. I'm going I'll stay. The Bible declares: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis Change Settings.

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