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Take these shoes, click clacking down some dead end street Take these shoes and make them fit Take this shirt, polyester white trash made in nowhere Take this shirt and make it clean, clean Take this soul, stranded in some skin and bones Take this soul and make it sing, sing. The band were in their mid-to-late 30s and not afraid to tackle subjects like love and lust.

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In my 20s and 30s, I thought that my soulmate and I could make it through life as a dynamic duo team who could take on the world, one crisis at a time. As long as we had each other, we could come up with a game plan and go forth. We were old enough to have a slightly informed world view, but young enough that our life experiences weren't impacting major decisions. Once I hit my 40s, a lot has shifted.

We have a much more informed world view and have a maturity shaped as a result of our experiences. We have realized that we cannot rely solely on ourselves, and are seeking answers to why all this pain, all this hurt and struggle in life. This is where my midlife crisis has brought me to: Despite all my best efforts, my soul still is restless and not finding fulfillment.

9 Ways To Make Your Partner Feel Loved, Without Saying A Thing

The deeply personal nature of this conversation where the singer is on a personal, first-name basis with his creator and asking for direction shows a maturity that comes with age and experience. Instead, tell me what to do with them so my soul can feel more fulfilled. It is interesting that both songs touch on childbirth. It makes me wonder who is the bully causing the pain.

If you think about the role of the psalmist being angry at God at times, is it right for me to be angry at the way my body has been ravaged due to the nature of giving birth twice? Is that a selfish thought?

U2’s ‘Pop’: A Reimagining of the Album 20 Years Later

Both songs also reference darkness and light. I saw it happening all around me. I saw women forming bonds that I knew would last for years, while I frequently felt awkward and insecure. I saw romantic relationships blossoming, while I had a superficial fling with someone I hardly knew, who hardly knew me back. Though I was trying to open up to people and create space for them to open up as well, I still felt alone, love-deprived, and terrified that these feelings would endure.

As a consequence, I frequently sabotaged myself and potential connections.

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I assumed there was something wrong with me for struggling in relationships, when it was actually my thinking that manifested everything that felt wrong. The first step to feeling more loved is creating close relationships, and that starts with meaningful, engaged conversations. They just need to be honest, authentic, and reciprocal. You can initiate this type of exchange with anyone at almost any time simply by asking about the other person, fully listening to what they have to say, and then finding common ground.

Think about the last time you really opened up to someone.

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The act of opening up is itself an offering of love. In recognizing this and welcoming it by fully hearing other people, we are, in fact, receiving love. Just like a heart valve prevents blood from flowing backwards, our love valve might block the flow of energy in our interactions. This generally happens when we get too caught up in our head, thinking, analyzing, and wanting more, instead of being present and allowing a natural give and take.

U2’s ‘Pop’: A Reimagining of the Album 20 Years Later – Rolling Stone

Come into the moment, take the pressure off the situation, and avoid the urge to fill silences with chatter. When we clear the mental clutter and allow this type of flow, we are in essence choosing to be love. When we tell ourselves the same things over and over again, we end up creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It might not be from the person you want to be with romantically. It might not meet the standards and criteria you defined in your head. Ultimately, this is how we all want to be loved: without judgment, pity, or condescension.

Elton John - Can You Feel the Love Tonight (From "The Lion King"/Official Video)

Commit to giving this kind of love , both in your existing relationships and in new ones you might be tempted to avoid. It just means you look below the surface, give people a chance, and in doing so create the potential for more meaningful, mutually supportive relationships. Make the conscious choice to be understanding and compassionate.

Sometimes we get so caught up looking for romantic love that we forget to appreciate the friends and family who are always there, offering their support. At least I did. Despite my chronic fear of being seen and judged, and my instinct to self-sabotage, I spent a long time believing that I was incomplete. I felt this way too. We attract potential partners by radiating love. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more.

Log in. Mixtapes Forums Lyrics Artists add Journals. Artists - U. Do You Feel Loved is found on the album Pop. U2 — Do You Feel Loved.

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Read More Edit Wiki. Do You Feel Loved song meanings. Add your thoughts 24 Comments. General Comment i think you guys are failing to see the big picture and sadly enough i mean taking the song for what it really is Bono declared that this song is the 2nd part to discotheque which according to him is about the drug Ecstasy. We all know Ecstasy give people a euphoric sense of love of everyone around them hence "do you feel loved? No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. General Comment Bono loves shirt imagery.