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By asking her subjects to sleep, Calle allows them a measure of autonomy, allowing them to disappear appear into their unconscious. When they awake they look as if they have returned from a journey, silent, blurry-eyed, acclimatizing to the light and the strange situation in which they find themselves. Both Calle and the sleepers are vulnerable: she is sharing her bedroom with strangers. They are asleep in the bed of a woman they do not know. Each has made a pact of trust. The bed itself has been a recurrent motif, with its attendant connotations of the erotic and of the unconscious.

Above all, Calle enters into temporary agreements with strangers that require mutual trust. It is this aspect of her work that suggests a political and ethical dimension. Calle recounts each encounter in a framed text. Calle used the terms of an enquiry to offer a framework for interaction.

Her subjects shape the narrative structure of the work by determining the route the artist follows; and they select what she should portray of their terrain. Each is given their voice and their opportunity to memorialize a loss or find some expression of hope in this hostile landscape. The massed ranks of the irredeemable are individuated, given back their humanity by making manifest their search for hope.

Chance brings with it the spontaneous, the unexpected and the irrational. Opening the door to the unknown, it can also offer the solution as to what to make next. In the artist found an address book, photocopied it and returned it anonymously to its owner. As with The Sleepers and The Bronx this is also a portrait but the subject is absent. Calle pieces together different perspectives provided by a random group of people who are defined by knowing one individual. Might the appeal of this work to the female viewer lie in the pleasure of this role reversal?

The violation of privacy would certainly have appealed to the anti- bourgeois ethos of the surrealists; someone who is neither topical nor a celebrity, becomes, albeit anonymously, the unwitting topic of a daily newspaper article. If readers hoped for salacious or unpleasant disclosures however, they were to be disappointed. Those providing the descriptions were literary, funny, insightful, yet discreet. The results of the initial concept then unfold as a journal or narrative. Experiments require a form of notation; similarly performances and happenings became manifest beyond the moment of their execution through photography.

Her images have a snapshot quality that looks expedient and intimate. She nearly always pictures people or spaces but her images have neither the drama of reportage nor the aesthetic of the tableaux. It was October 29, , 2. I was in car 7, com- partment 6 … The other traveller was in berth 4. I sat down and waited for him. In the account that follows Calle describes her life in the train compartment with a 68 year-old Russian man called Anatoli. To his annoyance she is also unable to play chess and he tries, unsuccessfully, to swap her for another passenger. He drinks vodka and snores profusely.

Yet they establish a routine; they look after one another. Apparently insurmountable barriers disappear through their mutual acts of civility.

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Her journey is not described in scenic terms; rather it is a wry account of how mutual incomprehension evolves towards an unexpectedly nuanced relationship. The photographs of Anatoli and their brief encounter are unframed and arranged on a table where the visitor is invited to sit and sift through them. Calle invites her viewer to act as witness: to the private language of a love letter, to a personal encounter in a train carriage and to translate these personal relations into the public sphere. Her writings are characterized by a comic detachment, observing rather than interpreting.

Driving her work is a desire to find a connection between people and to identify a locus of aspiration that is essentially utopian. This often evolves through the process of a journey. From the expedition to the road movie, this is a narrative form that presupposes a quest, the search for Mandalay, El Dorado, Shangri-la, Hollywood. Los Angeles reiterates the strategy she evolved in The Bronx. Where the Bronx is synonymous with fear of the ghetto, Los Angeles symbolizes a form of Occidentalism, and its concomitant association with pioneering.

He decides instead to send her instructions to be carried out on the streets of New York. These involve smiling at and talking to strangers, helping beggars and homeless people and cultivating a spot. In , on the streets of Manhattan, Calle sets to work. These range from appreciation to abuse.

The project is an act, a work of fiction and an anthropological experiment. But the mission is broadly successful. Art is not instrumentalized, rather its instrumentalization becomes the subject of the work of art. In she embarked on the third of her psychogeographic city tours titled The Detachment. I asked passers-by to describe the objects that once filled these empty spaces. Despite their confidence in recollecting shape, material or colour, they are often visually inaccurate. The absence of the symbols that once defined the public realm in ideological terms, also elicits sadness, annoyance and relief — few are indifferent.

The monuments and signs that are part of the fabric of the city and that become invisible with familiarity are, paradoxically brought sharply into focus by their absence. Calle elicits reflections from the citizens of East Berlin on how ideology shaped not only their urban environment but also their sense of identity. With the removal of the propagandist symbols of the state, history appears to have been erased.

Calle relocates it within the memories of her subjects. The unreliability of their visual recall makes this history a subjective one, giving it a veracity and a complexity that transforms it into a narrative of lived experience. In the new dawn of unification, there is no illusion about the triumph of capitalism. As traces. A work where her subjects were unable to talk back generated a fifteen year crisis in its making. In , invited by an American bank to make a project, the artist gained access to the surveillance films taken by hidden cameras, of clients using cash machines.

Years pass. Calle interviews tellers, she photographs money, she talks to security agents and policemen. In she asks Jean Baudrillard to help out. Della Venezie Italy Enjoyabilityfactor 88 Rating You really can't go wrong with a bargain priced Pinot that tastes good while being very food friendly. It's very fresh with flavors of peaches, apricots and a touch of melon. Southeastern Australia Fox Grove South East Australia wine is a excellent combination of the rich full fruit of Chardonnay and the subtle citrus characters of Semillon. A crisp and refreshing wine with golden yellow color with green lights.

Aroma is full of pineapple, fresh butter and toast notes. Tuscany Italy A young wine that boasts fruity aromas with hints of cherry interlaced with coffee, vanilla, and spice.

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Each varietal is vinified separately in stainless steel in this Sangiovese-based baby Super Tuscan. The blend is briefly aged in oak rendering a medium-bodied red that is soft on the palate with a balanced acidity. Suitable for everyday consumption, Dogajolo is best within a few years of the vintage. Marlborough New Zealand Enjoyabilityfactor 88 Rating Generous and fresh aromas of orange blossom, tangerine, and pink grapefruit lead to a zippy, crisp, mouthful of melon and citrus fruit with just a touch of fresh cut grass.

Fun and very tasty. Vivid purple with bright red rim. Nose of raspberry, cherry fruit with earthy notes of spice, leather, vanilla and mocha. A full bodied with fine, soft tannins and well balanced acidity. Raspberry and wild berry fruits give way to a long, smooth, spicy finish. Molise Italy Share Tweet Bright red in color, aromas of violets and red berries complement undertones of leather and anise.

On the palate, this wine is dry and mellow with smooth tannins that make for a crowd-pleasing, easy-to-drink red wine. Sonoma Fruity aromas of melon, lychee, pineapple and lime are nicely balanced by complex notes of toasted vanilla and ginger. Full-bodied with a lush mouthfeel and mineral notes on the finish. California This light-straw-yellow-hued Chardonnay begins with aromas of fresh apple and pineapple. Once tasted, these bright fruits lead to a creamy texture and balnced acidity.

California This tasty California Chardonnay has fresh aromas of crisp apple and lemon-cream pie with a hint of citrus. The palate is fresh and inviting, with bright flavors of green apple, lemon and nectarine along with some creamy and buttery notes and a long finish for the price. Southern Rhone Valley Spicy red plums, dried herbs, smoked meats, and cranberries come to mind in first whiff. Brig fruit and a touch of pepper come through on the palate with a backbone of plum and minerals. Smooth tannins and a great structure make this a well-balanced wine.

The grapes were cold macerated then fermented for two weeks and left on skins for an additional three weeks. The wine was then pressed and has been aged on the lees for 12 months in French oak. It has a lovely nose filled with spices and lavender. This is a Big Boy! Plush, concentrated and richly textured. South Australia Enjoyabilityfactor 88 Rating Pale straw in color with a vibrant light green hue, this refreshingly crisp Sauvignon Blanc has zesty aromas of grapefruit, green papaya and guava with hints of fresh nettles.

The light and lively palate displays citrus clarity with layers of tropical fruit, lemongrass and passionfruit. A beautifully balanced wine with fine, crunchy natural acidity, leaving a refreshing, crisp finish. Rioja Spain James Suckling 90 Rating The ripeness here is intense with jammy raspberry and blackberry aromas laced with herbal nuances. The palate has a slippery, succulent feel, saturated in plum and blackberry flavors, soft tannins and an easygoing finish.

Alicante Spain Enjoyabilityfactor 87 Rating This beautifully aromatic white is a blend of Merseguera, Macabeo, Moscatel that results in juicy, slightly nutty and altogether enjoyable, easy-drinking wine! Perfect for a summer sipper, apertif of pairing with salads. Taut on the palate with a light-to-medium body, pretty acidity and a fruity finish.

Alicante Spain Cherry color with purple highlights. Hints of licorice and chocolate, with a subtle depth of herbs and floral qualities. Pairs well with rice from Pinoso, cured meats, and barbecue. Australia Enjoyabilityfactor 87 Rating Pale golden straw in color with vibrant green hues, the Oxford Landing Estates Chardonnay has lifted aromas of freshly ripe stone fruit with hints of grapefruit and lemon myrtle. Layers of flavor build across the palate that reflect the use of wild fermentation and ageing on yeast lees.

The slightest hint of oak comes through as a hint of vanilla, highlighting the complexity derived from barrel matured reserve wine. The wine has a wonderfully even texture on the palate with balanced acidity offering a crisp, clean wine with persistent and tantalizing mineral acidity. Mendoza Argentina Golden yellow in color, the Tilia Chardonnay has aromas of ripe citrus fruits with subtle floral notes and a touch of vanilla, a contribution made by the oak barrels in which this wine is briefly aged.

On the palate, the wine has flavors of pear and tropical fruits with hints of vanilla and spice on the finish. The finish is clean and bright. Western Cape South Africa Enjoyabilityfactor 87 Rating The grapes were hand harvested in the cool, early mornings, at ripeness levels of 23 — Both portions were aged on their lees for three months. A small percentage of viognier was included to give the wine added richness and a lush texture. Marche Italy This delicious, everyday Italian red wine from Marchetti.

Based primarily on the Montepulciano grape, this is a rich, deeply colored wine with abundant fruit flavors and spice. Their San Silvestro bottling from the appellation of Rosso Conero offers one of the best values from Italy. This full-bodied red over-delivers and is certain to please family and friends. It ages briefly in barrique for three months. Informal and fresh, the wine offers bright fruit flavors with cherry and dried raspberry at the front.

Subtle spice and tobacco appears at the back. It's seamless, elegant, and balanced, with both acidity and richness. Southern Rhone Valley Jeb Dunnuck 89 Rating A fresh array of light, bright raspberries and red plums, delivered in a bright, simple and easygoing style. You need a big steak to make this work well. A blend of garnacha, tintorera and monastrell. Veneto Italy Lemon-green in color, aromas of Key limes and white peaches complement undertones of green apples and grains of paradise. On the palate, it is smooth and refreshing with a long, pleasant finish.

Drink this Old World fruit bomb over the coming couple of years. Medium-bodied with fresh crisp strawberry and raspberry flavors. Refreshing acidity with a hint of lemon and a touch of spice in the finish. France This Pinot Noir delivers spicy aromas of roasted fruit with leathery, undertones and cloves. The palate continues with spice characteristics and is matched by silky red fruit notes. Tuscany Italy Intense bright ruby red, cherry and blackberry nose with cinnamon and clove nuances. Full and well-balanced, soft but tasty, with good structure. Pleasant acidity, clean and persistent aftertaste.

Bierzo Spain Wine Spectator 91 Rating Share Tweet This firm red is reserved, but shows depth and integration, with mulled plum, licorice, mineral and smoke flavors that mingle over well-integrated tannins, giving way to the juicy finish. Drink now through A wine of great freshness, intensity and concentration. Marlborough New Zealand Enjoyabilityfactor 89 Rating Share Tweet The nose of this sauvignon blanc features aromatic passion fruit accented by zesty citrus notes.

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The palate is full flavored with lingering passion fruit flavors and a refreshing, crisp finish. Vino de la Tierra de Castilla Spain Ruby red with violet hues, clean and very brilliant. Fruity, raspberry, red fruits aromas; very characteristic of the variety. Light notes of vanilla and spice.

In mouth the wine is medium-bodied with a good equilibrium of tannins and acidity. Finishes with notes of raspberry, vanilla and light notes of wood. South Africa Badenhorst has fashioned a spectacular yet affordable wine from the Swartland region by paying special attention to the vinification of grapes while maintaining cost efficiency in production. Known for having impeccable taste and style, 'The Curator' is created from a unique blend of grapes that have a distinct and complex character which translates into the wine.

Abruzzo Italy Enjoyabilityfactor 90 Rating This is an incredibly smooth wine with flavors of raspberry and black cherry fruit. Finely balanced with lush tannins, this wine should appeal to any red wine lover. Veneto Italy A bright, light gold color. A fragrant nose of peaches, apricot and golden, delicious apples. Hints of a light, floral note. Some tropical fruit like lychee and banana. A smart, bright start, small firm bubbles that grow as it continues on the pallet. A touch sweet, very foamy, and apple and apricot predominate.

The finish is long, smooth and satisfying. Southern Rhone Valley France Its deep color has a dark, plum-like hue. The nose is classically Syrah, with berry fruit, violet, and liquorice. It has a full, rounded palate with delicate tannins, making it unique in the Cotes du Rhone appellation. The wine is juicy with plum and blackberry flavors prominent, layered with smoky and sappy maple wood, roasted almonds and hazelnuts that finishes long with fine, firm tannins.

Bordeaux France Share Tweet Must be ordered. In they rebuilt this historic Bergerac property which lies less than six miles from the village of St. The Chateau Michel de Montaigne excels in this great vintage: presented well-colored and powerful, the tannins are present without excess.

The bouquet being borne out, its powerful but silky mouth leads to predict a potential of very interesting ageing. Mainly Sangiovese with dollops of Cabernet Sauvingnon and Merlot, this opens with bold, earthy, aromas of ripe cherry and raspberry framed by notes of leather and crushed herb. Fleshy and full on the palate, where subtle spice notes join the bold dark fruit flavors. Finishes with zesty energy and fine tannins, making this fun to sip and a great choice for the classic Italian table. A lot of wine for the money! Southern Rhone Valley France Crimson red in color with inviting aromas of black cherries and raspberries mixed in with gentler flavors of dried herbs and anise.

Sipping the wine reveals layers of mouth-filling dark fruit and spice with a punch of freshness that transforms in a cool, peppery finish. A full palate, bright acidity and slightly edgy tannins make for a healthy ride. Plum, currant and juicy berry flavors are choppy on a fresh, bold finish. Currant and blackberry character. Chocolate undertones. Medium to full body. Tuscany Italy Wine Enthusiast 89 Rating This is a big, friendly wine that's just perfect for everyday fare.

It brings together sensations of sweet cherries marinated in spirits, black raspberries, underbrush, mocha and a hint of toast alongside chewy tannins and just enough fresh acidity. There's no complexity but it is delicious and ready to enjoy now. Tuscany Italy James Suckling 90 Rating Dried flowers and dark berries follow through to a medium body, integrated tannins and a bright finish.

Santa Barbara County California Kick off your shoes and unwind with a glass of this lovely, refreshing Sauvignon Blanc. Invigorating scents of lemon, lime, grapefruit, and freshly cut grass waft from the glass, while clean, crisp notes of gooseberries and tangerines awaken your palate.

This Sauvignon Blanc captures the free feeling of the endless summer. This Tempranillo is crafted in partnership with a highly acclaimed, family-owned winery that has been producing wine for over years. Tempranillo captures the spirit of Mediterranean style in every bottle. Tempranillo displays rich, black cherry aromas and lush flavors of plum and spice on the palate with subtle vanilla notes from three months of oak aging. Medium-bodied with balanced acidity, this traditional red boasts a smooth, lingering finish.

Pairs perfectly with pizza, tacos, and other casual fare. Blackberries, blueberries, pepper, licorice and hints of asphalt all emerge from this plump, sexy, opulent, and shockingly concentrated wine that has incredible charm and character. Pear, apple and a bit of melon on the palate makes this really easy to drink.

On the palate it's well-balanced with a core of plummy fruit.

Sauver sa peau (French Edition)

It's well suited for light meats and poultry. The grapes are selected from our vineyards high in the South of Mendoza, where the altitude, warm days and cool nights give wonderful elegance and complexity to the wine. It has a powerful nose of black berries, blackcurrants and hints of vanilla. The palate has ripe cassis and black plum flavors layered over smoky vanilla oak.

A great accompaniment to a juicy steak or hearty casserole. Composed palate with a tight core of fine, muscular tannins carrying plenty of flavor. Great composure. Alicante Spain Wine Advocate 92 Rating Share Tweet The La Tremenda is sourced from the vineyard that names the wine, from their estate El Chaconero in the village of Villena, a plot at meters altitude planted some 25 years ago. It fermented in stainless steel and matured in French barriques for six months.

It was not an easy year; they had to do a strict selection of grapes, and it paid off. It has the character of the variety, with its elegant rusticity with a fresh, herbal twist and a palate with fine-grained tannins, nicely textured and with a supple, very tasty finish. This is a superb introduction to Monastrell from Alicante at an incredible price. Yecla Spain Enjoyabilityfactor 90 Rating This wine is medium intensity cherry colored with violet hints. It has intense fruit aromas combined with balsamic and spicy nuances.

A full bodied and structured wine, meaty but well balanced and easy to drink. The aroma is fine and intense, reminding rose and pepper. Vanilla reminiscences are recognizable. A well structured wine suggesting the softness of the velvet on the palate.. Santa Maria Valley California Enjoyabilityfactor 88 Rating Ripe pineapple and citrus aromas dominate the nose of this wine, with pineapple, yellow peach, tangerine, orange blossom and creamsicle flavors.

Bright acidity is balanced by texture in the mid palate, carrying through the long finish. Blackberry, cherry and peppery herbs on the fragrant nose and palate. Sappy, spicy and energetic, thanks to zesty acidity. Finishes focused and tangy, with good persistence and a subtle floral nuance. A seriously good value, especially in the organic category. This is a young, vibrant and, most important, un-oaked wine that can be enjoyed over the next two years.

This affordable red from Spain has a lot of juicy fruit. The alcohol makes it very full bodied. Lots of texture and tannins make the finish last a long time. Washington State Share Tweet This Red Blend is for the sinner in all of us;the dark side that craves decadent, smooth andluxurious red wine.

This broody red wine is deeply layered with blackberry, dark fruit, violet and cocoa. Indulge your temptations with braised beef and mole tacos, roasted shishito peppers and molten chocolate cake. Mendocino County California Share Tweet The wine begins with warm and intense aromas of cinnamon and cloves. Those spices give way to aromas of blackberries, currants, and sage.

The texture is round and the fruit expression is concentrated and lush. Soft tannins accentuate the richness of the wine, while pleasant acidity keeps it fresh on the finish. Bordeaux France Share Tweet Complex aromas of red fruits and bouquets of more evolved aromas of candied fruit and prunes. The palate has a supple attack and rich mid-palate, with an already evolved tannic structure that gives this wine a nice suppleness.

The finish remains balanced and contributes to good length in the mouth. Bright, cherry color, violet rimmed. Crushed red fruit aromas of strawberry and blackberry. Compact ripe berry fruits with finely balanced acidity, smooth and silky tannins. Perfect with cured meats, white meats, vegetable dishes and rice dishes.

Lots of ripe fruit here with hints of wood and blackberries. Full body, round tannins and a juicy finish. Elegant, refreshing wine with a mild flavor, filled with notes of ripe fruit and berries, including correctly defined notes of plum and cherry. Harmonious taste complemented with well-integrated tannins. The high elevation of our Mason Vineyard in Lake County's Kelsey Bench and arc of rich, red volcanic soils, provides a unique growing region for ripe Sauvignon Blanc flavor and body year after year.

The Sauvignon Blanc opens with aromas of fragrant orange blossom, ruby grapefruit, and white peach flavors set on a light body with pops of lime zest and passion fruit. Bordeaux France Share Tweet This is a Bordeaux wine with hints of strawberry and chocolate on the nose, as well as good berry fruit with gentle tannins. It has a soft finish. Coming from an estate lying in the heart of Entre-Deux-Mers this Chateau manages to conjure up some really drinkable Bordeaux at an affordable price.

Run by the Carderelli family the wines offer great value for money. They outperform their price point from a region where quality is hard to find at the entry level of the market. The wines are based on soft fruity Merlot making them very approachable in youth. Aromas of red fruits give a complex bouquet. All these features offer a wine that can be enjoyed with red meats, barbecues, and cheese. Bordeaux France Share Tweet Pretty, with herbaceous, smoky and great red fruit characteristics.

The palate is well structured with delicious flavors of black peppered strawberry and dark cherry. The tannins are very soft, but well structured. There is a compelling earthy, underbrush component that adds to its personality. Astoria Alisia Pinot Grigio delle Venezie IGT boasts bright aromas of melon and hints of honey with fresh fruit flavors which finish velvety and refined. Reading comments online, you'll see a theme, this is a textural wine with more flavour than the usual Pinot Grigio, which is a good thing! The grapes are harvested by hand from vines planted feet above sea level with an average age of 10 years.

The grapes are gently crushed and are allowed a prolonged maceration inside stainless steel tanks to maximize full extraction of flavor and color. The wine is lightly filtered before bottling. Astoria Pinot Noir has pleasant aromas of strawberry and raspberry, while presenting a perfect balance of intense fruit flavor with a soft round finish on the palate.

Full and soft. Decadent style. Fun and funky organic wine! Tierra de Castilla Spain Wine Spectator 89 Rating Firm and focused, this red shows plum, blackberry, licorice and black olive flavors, with firm tannins and balsamic acidity for support. Sturdy and fresh, showing grip and some depth. Loire Valley France This wine is appreciated for its young, vivid, dry and fruity side that makes it the perfect companion to seafood. A delicate, pale lemon color with light floral aromas of jasmine, pear and lightly toasted bread.

The palate is juicy with pure, citrus fruit character and a long, fine-textured finish. Penedes Spain Dibon is new to us, and after tasting this complete, well-made Cava we are happy to makes it acquaintance. The nose offers regal yeast and richness, while the palate has complexity to prop up apple, citrus and grapefruit flavors. Solid from front to back, with health and freshness. Elegant and restrained with notes of cherry and black currant.

The tannins are mellow, which leads to a smooth and supple finish. The climate combines the Oceanic and Mediterranean influences, which brings enough sun and humidity to grow rich, concentrated and ripe grapes. Today it is Pierre Gadras taking care of the vines, thinning leaves for maximum sunshine on the grapes and pruning back for fruit concentration.

Look for ripe, plump aromas of blueberry, cassis, licorice, plum and bing cherry. Fresh and alluring, this exudes grace versus power and has wonderful flesh and charm. France Share Tweet Must be ordered. France Share Tweet Nice plum-ruby color accompanied by a floral note. The palate is structured with firm tannins and shows lovely forward fruit, too. It's rich, intense and vivid with red fruit. Quite elegant and perfumed, it has amazing balance and purity. France Share Tweet Deep cherry in color, it has an earthy smell. It's a medium bodied wine with ripe cherry and black tea flavors.

There's also a strong tannic structure that you get full blast if you swish it around a while before swallowing. This Merlot is round and rich with classic aromas and flavors of blackberry, plum, hints of mocha and espresso with a touch of savory dried herb. It has a juicy, ripe entry, a soft round fruit-driven palate and a hint of vanilla creme on the finish. Marlborough New Zealand Wine Spectator 91 Rating Honeysuckle, peach cobbler and Key lime pie notes are aromatic, lush and expressive, set on a crisp, sleek frame, with plenty of juiciness and refreshment, finishing with a dash of grapefruit zest.

Alexander Brown Cabernet Sauvignon unfolds with rich aromas of black cherry, mocha and baking spice. Bold tannins frame a powerful mid-palate layered with mouth-filling flavors of black cherry and milk chocolate. Smooth and balanced, an elegant finesse defines the long and lingering finish. Venezie Wine Enthusiast 85 Rating A Best Buy Selection This simple white opens with aromas of honeysuckle and pear while the easygoing palate offers hints of nectarine and green apple.

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  4. Fresh acidity gives it a brisk finish. Drink soon. Sonoma County California This wine has delicious aromas and flavors of pineapple, pink grapefruit, lemongrass, lychee, peach, pear, honeydew melon, orange blossom, guava and a touch of minerality. This wine has lively flavors that go well with spicy and ethnic cuisines such as Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Korean, Mexican and Southwestern dishes.

    Vibrant garnet in color, this exotic blend of red varietals exudes aromas of strawberry, plum, allspice and red apple. Your palate is enticed with ripe fruit blended with chocolate notes that lead to fine tannins providing a velvety texture and a substantial mouthfeel. Rich layered notes of French Oak finish this beautiful wine. The grapes are fermented in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks and refined for six months before being released.

    Pale lemon-green in color, San Benedetto Lugana offers appealing notes of peaches, citrus, bananas, and herbs, which are underscored by crisp acidity and supple body on the palate. Medium body, pretty density and a long, flavorful finish. Vivid straw yellow in color, this expressive Chardonnay features intense fruit aromas of peach, apricot and pineapple. Your palate is enticed with flavors of poached pear, caramel, vanilla and honeysuckle.

    Complex well integrated oak complements the weight on the mid-palate, leading to a full and well-rounded finish. This deep garnet Pinot Noir showcases ripe cherry, strawberry and raspberry aromatics that commingle with anise, cinnamon and a hint of white pepper. Intense ruby in color, this Cabernet features a redolent bouquet of cassis, blueberry, plum, fig, vanilla, mocha and a touch of tobacco. Delectable berry flavors are supported by refreshing acidity which runs through the mid-palate and melts into a long finish.

    Soft tannins provide a smooth texture, with a touch of oak contributing appealing spice notes to the wine. Pure Paso Robles, this rich yet smooth Cabernet Sauvignon is loaded with elegant aromas of blackberry, blueberry, pepper and cassis which lead to flavors of dark red fruits with hints of cedar spice, cocoa powder and caramelized oak.

    These persistent flavors create a long lingering finish. While very accessible now, this wine will continue to evolve nicely for years to come. A beautiful bouquet of floral and fruit aromas with subtle and delicate bubbles offering a very pleasant freshness in the background. A fresh-tasting Orvieto Classico that represents the finest expression of the region. It's Golden-Yellow in color. Well-structured, refreshing and beautifully balanced. Delicious with sushi, fresh seafood and young cheeses. A succulent white, filled with plush red peach, cherry and white currant flavors that are supported by zesty acidity.

    Long and creamy on the finish, offering plenty of spicy overtones. Impressive for the category. A round and balanced wine, this Sauvignon Blanc has a clean and refreshingly crisp finish. The wine is rich, concentrated, quite savory and mouthfilling. This is a stunner that is remarkable for this price. But this certainly is. Drink it over the next several years. Southern Rhone Valley Enjoyabilityfactor 89 Rating Share Tweet A nice blending gives birth to a wine full of subtle aromas of red fruits and hint of scrubland and spices. In the mouth it is harmonious, supple and generous with a spicy final taste.

    Citrus and mineral notes waft from this fragrant white. Sleek acidity drives the flavors of lemon sorbet, petrol, saline, crunchy white peach and grated ginger. Light- to medium-bodied and creamy in texture, with a zesty finish. White peach, crushed rocks, spice and brioche notes all emerge from this medium to full-bodied Chardonnay that has depth, layered texture and length.

    Buy it. Light rose color with copper hues; the nose opens to a delicate bouquet of white flowers with seductive peach accents. Fresh and focused, the sophisticated palate offers elegant layers of raspberry, strawberry and watermelon. An alluring mineral finish completes this purely harmonious wine. Still made in the traditional way and at the original strength — one of the few examples left of what cream sherry should taste like. Deep amber in color with the taste of sweet raisins, dates and figs. Rich sweet ripe fruit that lingers smoothly and seductively.

    A powerful balance of sweetness, richness and maturity. Serve at cool room temperature. Tropical and citrus aromas with maturity and spices on the palate. The finish is complex because of the acidity that comes in a glossy finish and extended. Germany Slightly sweet, with bright, crisp flavors of green apple, pear, and peach. Best served chilled, and can be enjoyed before a meal, or with spicier Asian cuisine. Sardinia Italy Vermentino often shows the fragrance of macchia, the mix of evergreen shrubs and herbs that typifies the Sardinian landscape. Costamolino hints at aromas of pine and mint coupled with ripe stone fruit and sweet citrus.

    The palate is at once vibrant and textural and finishes with lingering acidity. Southern Rhone Valley France Wine Advocate 90 Rating A terrific white that has notable freshness and purity, the Cotes du Rhone Esprit Barville Blanc offers classic notes of poached pear, apple and assorted orchard fruits in a medium-bodied, clean, crisp package.

    It is in this rural village, essentially turned toward viticulture, that Claude Charpentier who represents the third generation and is heir to a long tradition of winemaking manages the Domaine. He endeavors to combine ancestral tradition with the more recent approach of sustainable agriculture aiming to preserve the environment and produce the very best her terroir has to offer. Deep garnet red color with purple hues. Delicate nose yielding aromas of red berries and violets. The mouthfeel is supple and elegant offering a smooth and velvety texture that is remarkably well-balanced.

    On the palate, it is remarkably smooth and long with a rich finish. The wine is perfect with beef, lamb and chicken and pasta dishes as well as firmer and strong cheeses. Sonoma County California Share Tweet The Sonoma Estates offers layered aromas of black cherry and blackberry compote, followed by decadent undertones of caramel and chai tea. It is bright and juicy on the palate, complemented with a plush and velvety texture.

    La Maison d'à côté

    This well-balanced and elegant Cabernet is very versatile and can be paired with anything from casual pub fare to a classic ribeye. It offers black, juicy fruits that are blended with the spice from wood aging. There are blackberries, plenty of acidity and a dry but always fruity aftertaste. California Share Tweet Michael Pozzan proudly presents Dante, named after his eldest son, Michael Dante Pozzan, and inspired by wines savored during travels through the Italian countryside. The style of these hearty yet approachable wines is reminiscent of that in your favorite Italian trattoria.

    Lifted gooseberry fruit with some creamy lactic notes. Hints of cask fermentation and biscuit like lees. Quite textural with hints of guava and herbal notes. Calm acidity and gently aromatic. California Enjoyabilityfactor 87 Rating Share Tweet The Grayson Chardonnay is brilliantly ripe and shows bright, brisk acidity and good minerality with notes of pineapple and apricot.

    The palate offers green apple fruit with a crisp finish showing gentle hints of apple pie and vanilla flavors. California Enjoyabilityfactor 88 Rating Share Tweet The Grayson Cabernet Sauvignon shows a dark ruby color with a rich nose of blackberry, raspberries and hints of black pepper. This intense Cabernet is full of artful fruit, provides a round mouth feel and a soft lingering finish with hints of toasted French oak. Aromas of cherry, dark fruits and vanilla. Silky tannins frame flavors of dried strawberries, plums, violet and red cherries.

    Robust and balanced. Delicious with Pasta dishes and grilled red meats. This white blend is very floral and aromatic on the nose. It has a wide range of flavors which include white fruits, tropical fruits and melon. A very refreshing and balanced white wine to enjoy all year round. Carcassonne France Enjoyabilityfactor 90 Rating The Syrah grapes, from plots of old vines in the Carcassonne region gives this wine a markedly Mediterranean flavor. It is spicy, round, rich and smooth, the ideal wine to accompany spicy dishes or grilled meat. Southern Rhone Valley France Wine Spectator 89 Rating Plump and friendly, with notes of lemon verbena, yellow apple and white peach, gilded with honeysuckle details on the finish.

    California Wine Enthusiast 88 Rating For one of the larger white wine bottlings in the world, this wine stays clean, crisp and compelling, which is quite a feat. A slight effervescence in the glass gives way to aromas of melon, lemon soda, mango, plumeria and cold steel. The palate is quite tight at first then opens toward guava, Anjou pear and pineapple. This tasty Zinfandel-based red offers tons of character and near-term appeal. Swartland South Africa Share Tweet The color is an attractive bright, ruby red with a purple rim, typical of a young Pinotage. The flavors of this unique South African cultivar are complex and exciting with ripe plum and fruitcake all beautifully integrated and then finished with subtle oak for a lingering aftertaste.

    This wine is lovely with rare beef, barbequed lamb and casseroles. This versatile lighter style of Pinotage is also a lovely combination with spicy chicken. Pfalz Germany Share Tweet It was here in the Pfalz region, back in the 19th century, that Pinot Gris was first identified as an individual variety and vinified separately. The modern-day Villa Wolf Pinot Gris is made in a full-bodied, dry style with fresh, unoaked fruit and a crisp texture.

    It is an excellent partner for salmon, chicken or pork. Russian River Valley California Wine Spectator 90 Rating Vibrant and expressive, with a juicy mouthful of papaya, lemongrass and Meyer lemon flavors that sing in harmony, set on a light and refreshing frame. The intensity never falters through the finish. White peach, hazelnut and fresh herbs on the nose.

    Then distinctly cool but easygoing in the mouth, offering bright flavors of lemon, orchard fruit and botanical herbs. Best today on the very long, expanding finish. A lovely entry-level Soave. Stefan Bollig makes his Rieslings in the traditional style: juicy, lightly sweet, greatly rich and layered with complex flavors of apples, citrus, and petrol. Although this riesling is touched with a hint of sweetness, it has enough mouth-watering acidity to reach a perfect balance.

    Intense floral aromas with scents of peach and melon with herbal and mineral notes. This is a complex, crisp and well-balanced wine with flavors of stone fruit, citrus and pear. A food-friendly wine which perfectly matches grilled lamb, pork and assorted cheeses. At first swirl, the vintage presents effusive aromatics of honeydew melon, cantaloupe and mango.

    La Maison d'à Côté (La Casa de Al Lado) - Episode 06 - Partie 04

    There are also underlying layers of citrus and a sense of depth and vibrancy that make this wine extremely pleasing. On the palate, the wine is invigorating with fresh lemon-lime, kiwi and grapefruit notes. Simply delicious from start to finish! This wine is lively, with round, full notes of green apple and other exotic and tropical fruits. A hint of acidity balances the wine perfectly. The finish is a pleasant, flinty lift. Bright violet color. Spicy dark berries on the nose, with a suave floral quality building in the glass.

    Round and seamless in texture, offering sweet black and blue fruit flavors and a touch of smokiness. Shows more red fruit character on the finish, with silky tannins coming in late to add grip. This fruit-driven Ribera is pretty delicious right now. A bold, refreshing mix of ripe, mouthwatering peach and lemon flavors, showing plenty of ginger, dried floral and matcha green tea accents. Plush and refreshing, with a lingering, spicy finish. As the name implies, this is a rich, buttery style of Chardonnay laced with aromas of baked lemons and mandarin oranges mingle with a hint of spice and smoke.

    The palate begins with crisp pineapple, bright citrus and ripe melon while a soft creaminess rounds out the finish. This Chardonnay is ready for immediate enjoyment and is suited to a wide variety of foods including white fish, smoked salmon and creamy pasta dishes. This supple blend is vinified to preserve the youthful charm and ripeness of the fruit and offer an attractive easy drinking blend. It is luscious, well balanced with red fruits good weight and ripe tannins. Aromas of peach and lime are followed by a sleek, crisp, off-dry palate with a long, lemony finish. A light spritz perks it up nicely.

    Best Buy. Our Traditions Chardonnay has inviting aromas of warm vanilla, hints of toast, ripe pear, creme brulee, and Honey Crisp apple. The palate has a bright generous entry, with a ripe fruit driven mid-palate, followed by bright acidity and a clean finish. It goes down way too easy, and is a total steal at the price.

    Buy a case and drink bottles over the coming years. Moderately tannic, this wine retains its gluttony with grilled meat or fresh tomato pie. Intense purple in color. Red fruit, leather and spice. Complex, with flavors of licorice and spice and silky tannins. A food-friendly wine which will perfectly match grilled lamb, pork and assorted cheeses. The Dupeuble embodies the essence of classic Gamay Beaujolais. With a soft texture and a playfully juicy aroma and flavor, this wine is best consumed slightly chilled and casually enjoyed.

    North Coast Rather than harkening back to the hearty red field blends of days past, this easy-going offering is instead fruity and friendly with all of its tannic edges wholly rounded off. It smacks of juicy plums and ripe berries one moment and at a touch of creamy oak the next, and it is a cohesive, thoroughly inviting wine that will make lovely drinking with barbecued fare this summer and on into the next. Walnut undertone. Full body, round and velvety texture. Blend of merlot and corvina. Straw yellow color, joined with a fine perlage and a fruity taste are the distinguishing features of Valdo's Brut Prosecco DOC.

    Well-balanced structure, matched with its flavorful and aromatic fruity fragrance make it the perfect pairing with starters and particularly with delicately flavored dishes and especially seafood. This is a high quality white that will be versatile on the dinner table and drink well for years. Lovely aromas of herbs and guava, lightly exotic, medium bodied with intense flavors of gooseberry; the palate is round, soft and easy.

    This full-bodied Pinot Grigio offers aromas of sunbaked soil, hay, mature apple and dried herb. The rounded palate offers yellow apple and orange zest alongside soft acidity while a light mineral note lifts the finish. Lodi California Share Tweet The Chardonnay boasts bright, fresh aromas and flavors of citrus, pear, apple and white flowers. Its creamy texture is supported by fresh acidity and a long, clean finish. Marlborough New Zealand Share Tweet Lifted and perfumed with smoke and citrus blossom overlaying notes of blackcurrant and gooseberry. A lush sweet fruited entry full of exotic green fruits leads into a big hit of passion fruit with blackcurrant and gooseberry following on from the nose.

    Driving, juicy and balanced. Remarkably aromatic with pleasant flower and fruit fragrances recalling the flower of the vine and the fruit of the Sauvignon. On the palate it reveals a freshness and vivacity characteristic of grapes harvested at good maturity. Citrus, apple and gooseberry aromas with hints of passion fruit are often found in this lively and bright wine.

    But it keeps the elegant profile with varietal notes, balsamic and waxy, and the typical faint bitterness of the variety. Incredible price for the quality! This wine is a riper style of Albarino. The finish shows peach, yellow apple, and even some tropical fruits. California Share Tweet Is this a blush—candied, fruity, and sweet?

    Perhaps this wine is an example of what we should expect from the pink wine category as we go forward? This wine shows excellent fruit and freshness. Its red fruit and light chalkiness keep in serious and elegant. Pair it with lightly grilled salmon or just drink it by itself on the deck. A lifted perfume of lime leaf, passion fruit pulp and fine mineral complexities are delivered on a palate that sets plush, smooth textures against a nervous tension created by bright acidity.

    This is friendly, fresh and ready to serve at cellar temperature with chicken mole. Sourced from Hendry, Dickerson and a range of other vineyards, this is a steal at the price. Bright and aromatically complex, notes of ripe apricot, apple and wild flowers. Fresh and crisp with a persistent lush textures on the palate. The finish is fruity and with mineral nuances. La Mancha Spain 4. The palate delivers a really saturated impression, plum essence. A silky finish. Basilicata Italy 3. On the palate, the wine is harmonious and balanced with soft, round tannins. Wahluke Slope Washington This Cabernet Sauvignon is dark and complex with layered flavors of black currant, black cherry and a hint of rose petal.

    Smooth and rich with gentle tannins and a full, luscious finish. Straw yellow. Acacia and rose flowers are the scents that delight the nose opening, which then perceives fruity tones of melon, banana, peach and golden Apple, plus finally slight hints of herbs. The mouth is fresh and tasty, with a lively and pleasant fruity predominates and persistence. Catalonia Spain For generations the ancestors of Nuria Altes have cultivated vines in the vicinity of the village of Batea in Terra Alta.

    Their most widely planted variety is the indigenous Garnatxa Negra which grows well in both the sandy and clay limestone soils of the region. By mixing old and young vine fruit 40— years old , and fermenting in cement, Nuria is able to create an affordable, lively, and elegant version of Garnatxa showcasing the delicate Pinot-side of the variety. California Share Tweet The Crusher's Petite Sirah is an inky violet color with vivid aromas of ripe plum, blackberry, fig preserves and pomegranate. The pronounced aromas ring true on the palate with bold flavors of juicy plum, baked fig and ripe blackberries.

    The wine is juicy, full-bodied with a rich texture, has smooth tannins with beautifully extracted color. It imparts an impressive flavor with a lushness that lingers on the finish. Petite Sirah is a powerful varietal and this one is no exception. Southern Rhone Valley France A striking pink hue with light shades of purple. The nose is floral with notes of red fruits. Fruity and well-balanced with a fresh finish reminiscent of raspberries and spice. Highly versatile with food but particularly well-suited to pair with salads, fish, roasted meats and barbeques. Bordeaux France Share Tweet Beautiful red color, clear and bright with purple reflections.

    A very smooth wine, easy to drink, beautiful harmony. A bouquet reveals hints of chocolate, tobacco and spicy wood. The palate is generous and smooth, with a medium body and ripe tannins. The finish is long with an attractive, lingering aromatic intensity. Serve with roasted chicken, sausages, pasta, cheeses and cured meats. Bright medium-deep ruby.

    Highly perfumed aromas of blackberry, violet and chocolate mint. Densely packed with berry fruit flavors but at the same time juicy and bright, with good mineral and floral lift giving a deceptive lightness to the black fruit and cedar flavors. Tuscany Italy James Suckling 90 Rating Plenty of wild strawberries and ripe red cherries to this sangiovese as well as treacle, cedar and Christmas cake.

    Medium-full body, round tannins and a fruit forward, juicy finish. Mendoza Argentina Wine Enthusiast 92 Rating Rubbery, slightly gritty aromas of olive and balsamic berry fruits are solid and introduce a well-balanced palate. Loamy berry and baked plum flavors are ripe and solid. Overall, this delivers an authentic taste of modern Argentina while not veering away from what's familiar; drink through Mendoza Argentina Wine Enthusiast 90 Rating Aromas of earthy, raisiny berry fruits, graphite, coffee grinds and wood smoke set up a jammy, plump palate with wavering focus.

    Spicy prune, berry and cassis flavors are rooty, while coffee, mocha and oak flavors dominate the finish. Drink through Enjoy year-round. Marlborough New Zealand Share Tweet Intensely aromatic and lively, with flavors of passionfruit and guava underpinned with aromas of fresh herbs and blackcurrant, this is a great wine to enjoy as an aperitif, or match with seafoods.

    The palate is vibrant with zingy fruit that is balanced with a long, crisp mineral finish. Piedmont Italy A hue of violet red. Aromas of red fruits, plums, underbrush as well as floral and spicy fragrances intrigue your senses from the very first moment. A nice correspondence on the palate where hints of almond, black pepper and Asian spices come together for a nice refreshing finish.

    With flavors of blackberry, vanilla and subtle spice notes this wine has silky tannins and a lasting finish. Pair with BBQ ribs, grilled steak or a decadent chocolate cake. Sonoma County California Wine Advocate 87 Rating The Pinot Grigio opens with expressive notes of lemon curd, ripe apples and allspice with a touch of white pepper. Medium-bodied, refreshing, clean and possessing appealing purity, it finishes pleasantly spicy.

    Sardinia Italy Intense ruby-red in color, this wine offers seductive aromas of ripe black cherries, pepper, and licorice. Warm and full-bodied on the palate, with excellent texture, ripe fruit flavors and pleasant tannins. South Australia Enjoyabilityfactor 90 Rating Share Tweet Whiffs of mascarpone, apricot nectar and white fleshed stonefruit.

    Those aromas flow seamlessly to the palate where you can add an alluring ginger spice. A little concentrated, it's soft through the mouth and it's length hums along seeming endless. Find it on special for around 10 bucks and you are the winner. The wine is clear, fresh and aromatic on the nose, terribly crisp and piquant on the palate, provided with a really racy acidity.

    The has good phenolic grip and tension and is pleasantly light at A really stimulating aperitif. Bordeaux France James Suckling 90 Rating A red with chocolate, dark berry and walnut aromas and flavors. Straightforward finish. South Africa Enjoyabilityfactor 88 Rating Share Tweet This lively bottling is crafted by Bayten short for Buitenverwachting, which is Dutch for beyond expectation a Sauvignon specialist recognized for their elegant, mineral-tinged whites. Bursting with invigorating flavors of passion fruit, melon, kiwi and lime supported by pronounced herbal notes and a mineral edge, it exhibits an elegance typical of cool climate Sauvignon Blanc.

    Nose of cherry, blueberry, chocolate, and ripe dark fruits. Juicy, silky wine, with well integrated notes of oak. It's well balanced, complex, with a great length and a fruity finish. Rich dark cherry fruit aromas, with herbal undertones. Dry on the palate, with notes of cocoa and mixed red berries. Serve this with pizza or traditional pasta dishes. Fruity notes of cherry, strawberry, raspberry, and ripe tomato. Floral notes reminiscent of rose petal and violet. Abruzzo Italy Enjoyabilityfactor 88 Rating Share Tweet This inky-colored zesty wine offers aromas of sour cherry, leather and a hint of dried herb.

    The extremely simple, easygoing palate shows red plum and a hint of clove alongside loose knit tannins. Polished tannins and saturated flavors of black plums and cherries spiced with coffee and black pepper let you know that this is not your ordinary Cabernet.

    Serve with juicy steaks, lamb chops, rare burgers or aged cheeses. Columbia Valley Washington State Enjoyabilityfactor 90 Rating Share Tweet Ryan Patrick has created an approachable, savory and refreshing style of Chardonnay, sourcing fruit from warmer sites in the Columbia Valley to lend a rich and ripe profile to the wine.

    Malolactic fermentation, along with sur lie aging, allows for savory characters to develop, while tank fermentation maintains fresh acidity. Aromas of ripe pear and apple with a hint of apricot and pineapple.


    A refreshing yet savory entry with a fresh fruit driven mid palate and an elegant finish. Trentino Italy Share Tweet Emerald straw color. Fruity, minerally aromas of fresh grapefruit, slate, dried papaya, and clover honey with a velvety, vibrant, fruity light-to-medium body and a tingling, complex, medium-long fresh cut grass, cilantro, dill, shiso, echinacea, and lemon lozenge finish with well-integrated, fruit tannins and no oak flavor.

    A terrific nuanced Sauvignon Blanc with loads of minerality and complex herbal charm. Marlborough New Zealand Wine Spectator 90 Rating The pear and green apple flavors are succulent, bright and crisp, with plenty of verve from the fresh acidity. Details of matcha tea and lemongrass linger on the finish. The dry, medium amber-colored, medium-bodied, crisp, dry non-vintage Amontillado was produced from a year old Solera system.

    It has a lightness and charm on the palate that make it irresistible. A rich and beautiful red with lots of berry fruit plus hints of chocolate and vanilla, yet there's a freshness and edge to this wine that keeps it lively and delicious. One of the best Italian wines for the money. Drink: Medium body, fresh acidity, fine tannins and a minerally finish. Pale, green-tinged gold. Highly perfumed bouquet evoking lime pith, pear skin and white flowers, with a mineral element building in the glass.

    Taut and nervy, offering concentrated orchard and citrus fruit flavors and a hint of candied ginger. Finishes dry, minerally and very persistent on an echoing floral note. The nose is complex and pure, with aromas of citrus fruit and white peaches. Full-bodied, with fresh acidity, the palate is well balanced. The lingering finish has a pleasant pepperiness to it. Deep ruby red with notes of blackberries, raspberries and other red fruits.