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Like the Frenchman, the Chilean is well aware of the important role carried out by the mine-horse. Nevertheless, he has also changed much. Lo mismo nos pasa a todos. In the final paragraph, Lillo harnesses the modernist emphasis on inner experience by way of externalizing the subjective experience of the dying horse in his description of both the mine and the landscape atop the pit.

El Chiflón del Diablo/The Devil's Miner

The story narrates two days in the life of a presumably typical miner who goes by the nickname Cabeza de Cobre on account of his reddish-hair. In fact, they would rather die fast —while working— than slowly on account of hunger As in Germinal, here too the social content of the story is clear, even if the pos- sibility of strike or rebellion seems superfluous in the Chilean context. La luz del astro, suave como una caricia, derramaba un soplo de vida sobre la naturaleza muerta.

Chiflón del Diablo

It is also a more poetic passage whose lyricism works to highlight the intense contrast between a beautiful above-ground landscape and the harsh realities of the mines un- derground, and simultaneously of the dialectical tension between leisure and work the former, as Henri Lefebvre notes in Rhythmanalysis, only gaining meaning in relation to the latter. The story begins with the arrival of an unknown worker to an unnamed mine near the Chilean coast. Although the newcomer is blind, he seems to be capable, and the foreman asks him to join the company.

The new miner quickly earns a solid reputation for good work, but he is also progressively shrouded in mystery. As the unknown miner furiously works the rock, some lit firedamp —the dangerously explosive natural gas pervasive throughout the mines— illuminates him in a blast of flames. Juan, like both Etienne and the anarchist Souvarine of the French novel of , is a newcomer to the area who drastically changes the tenor of the culture of the mines.

This project, as we have seen, goes beyond a strict naturalism to incorporate the lyri- cism, dream worlds, striking colors and poetic dimensions characteristic of modernism.

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Here Lillo places even more emphasis on mystery and ultimately on the fantas- tic. The narrator, for one, seems to think that Juan has done the men a public service of sorts—that he has even liberated them from a form of indentured servitude.

El Chiflón del Diablo

An additional clue buried in the text supplies evidence for this interpretation—the form of a cross. Even the death of the two watchmen who stumble upon the unnamed figure in the darkness may be attributed directly either to a devilish force that may not in fact be Juan this is left unclear in the text , if not to the danger inherent in the mine itself.

Conclusion In their refusal to embrace fully either a strict Naturalism or a canonical Modernism, the stories contained in Sub terra constitute a complex literary production that deserves to be more carefully mined by contemporary scholars able to work outside canonical categorizations. Moreover, critics writing in English have been particularly slow in ex- ploring his work, and thus slow in introducing readers of English to his ideas and works. Esther S.

Dillon and Angel Flores , to-date there has not been a sustained attempt to explore his work in either language. I suggest that some of the lack of interest in Lillo may in fact be due to the interpretive pigeon-holing that has labelled him a naturalist. Nevertheless, in the 13th version of Sub terra Santiago, Nascimiento, , which I have used in prepar- ing this chapter, the dream sequence has been reinstated.

Oelker argues that this cut, and others made in various stories contained in Sub terra, had the effect of intensifying the naturalism of the stories. This occurs at the beginning of the novel and is of great relevance to present concerns. In the opening paragraph of Germinal Zola writes of the desolate character of the mining zone traversed by his main character Etienne as an ocean combining both metaphor and simile. Out on the open plain, on a starless, ink-dark night, a lone man was follow- ing the highway from Narchiennes to Montsou, ten kilometers of paved road that cut directly across the fields of beet.

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Not a single tree blotted the skyline, and the road rolled on through the blinding spume of darkness, unswerving, like a pier. This rare foray into poetic prose that in some respects is at odds with the goal of the straightforward naturalism frequently attributed to Zola as one might expect has a larger purpose in the context of the novel as a whole. Dillon and Angel Flores. Pan American Union, Washington D.

Anderson Imbert, Enrique. Spanish-American Literature: A History.

Mina Chiflon del Diablo - Picture of Chiflon del Diablo Mine, Lota

John V. Detroit: Wayne State University Press, Aztorquiza, Octavio and Oscar Galleguillos V. Brown, Donald F. Chavarri, Jorge M. Davison, Ned. The Concept of Modernism in Hispanic Criticism. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, Republished in Englekirk, John et. Anthology of Spanish American Literature.

New York: Appleton-Century-Crofts, Revista Chilena de Literatura 31 : 63— Englekirk, John, et. Fraser, Howard. Garfield, Evelyn Picon and Ivan A.

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Mexico: Ediciones Cuadernos Americanos, A Companion to Spanish American Modernismo. Woodbridge: Tamesis, Cuentos completos y otras narraciones. Breve historia del modernismo. Lefebvre, Henri. Stuart Elden and Gerald Moore. London; New York: Continuum, Lillo, Baldomero.

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Sub terra: cuadros mineros. Santiago: Nascimento, Obras completas. Santiago: Nascimiento, Santiago: Imprenta Universitaria, Relatos populares. El hallazgo y otros cuentos del mar. Santiago: Ercilla, Lindstrom, Naomi. Twentieth-Century Spanish American Fiction. Austin: University of Texas Press, New York: Appleton- Century-Crofts, Takes about an hour. I found it amazing how you can feel so quickly as if Lota is an hour south of Concepcion and difficult to travel to unless you have your own car.

Once in the town it is not easy to find the mine. We "Googled" it on our phone and followed the directions to get there. The tour lasted 2 hours and was in Spanish so I had to translate for my wife. This was once one of the biggest coal mines in Chile. We had no idea what it would have been like to work in a mine like this. You can not imagine what it would have been like for generations of men to work in this condition.

It was well worth the visit but off the beaten track. We have a new appreciation for something we knew nothing about before this tour. Very nice, but short duration. The guide was very friendly. It is safe and I recommend this trip!!!!! This mine tour was recommended by a couple of Chileans we met on the trip, and it certainly was worthwhile. Started in , the coal mine was closed in , and I don't think much has changed! The tour itself is in Spanish -- the guides are ex-miners -- so we missed out on quite a bit I know, but it was still a worthwhile experience.

You are fitted with a lighted miner's helmet and battery pack, taken down in a cage-basket elevator, then walk through the mine a little further down and finally up and out. This is obviously not for the claustrophobic -- at times we were practically on our knees getting through some of the passages -- and it could be difficult for tall people; I'm 5'8" and I had to walk stooped over much of the time. Still a unique experience and a fascinating look into the conditions in which people had to work.

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I expected learning about the miner's work, seeing machine, perhaps a reconstitution of their space of work. Only a walk, sometimes difficult for my1,90m and long waiting times. The real only interest is the minute you are dropped down into the mine in avery narrow cage. Didn't know what to expect before coming down here. We have friends who live in Lota and recommended the mine.

We arrived to the mine as a tour was just about to leave. I believe there is a tour every hour. We were given the same light and battery packs that the miners wore before the mine was closed. The lift was a squeeze to get into but was the most roomy part of the tour.

The tour was completely in Spanish obviously and we were shown what it was like to be a miner. The tour lasted an hour and a half and made such an impression on us all. The mine is the only one in the world that has natural air, so do not take any combustibles! If you want a genuine experience of a mine, this is an absolute must!

Life is great. Flights Restaurants Things to do. Cart 0. Tip: All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Profile Join. Log in Join. Undersea coal mine tour - Chiflon del Diablo Mine. Chiflon del Diablo Mine. Avenida El Morro , Lota, Chile. Review Highlights. Reviewed 20 November Reviewed 29 August Undersea coal mine tour. Review of Chiflon del Diablo Mine.