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And this actually might soothe the angst. For you see, the breakdown at the end of the song was the bit that Simple Minds added to the song themselves. After 8 measures of this Jim starts back in, singing in an almost dream-like state: will you walk away? Will you walk on by? Come on, call my name, Will you call my name?

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I think it is the crux of the song. Seems almost pointless to listen to the song, if you knew you would be cheated out of your opportunity to clap your hands and sing la la la la! Clearly this was a band with extensive live performance experience. This was made to kill it live. They regularly extended the sections of the breakdown live, doubling the length of each section to milk as much drama out of the performance as possible.

And why not, loads of bands do it. Mike strums the keyboard notes on the eighth notes, essentially capturing the important bits of both the guitar and the keyboard during this section. Very cool. Good vocals by Mr. Marcello adds a Latin flair to a solo acoustic interpretation. I like what he does with the breakdown. So what makes a good song?

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What makes a song stand the test of time? But I think there is something more to it than that. Simple Minds knew what they wanted and what they were doing, even if they struggled with the decision and ultimately felt like they had made some sort of artistic Faustian bargain in the process. But all is forgiven. Maybe, even, there is nothing to forgive.

They did what they thought was best, they put their heart and soul and craft into it, and ultimately gave us all a touchstone to another time and place. Mike here. My concern about playing this song initially was the vocal range. No, not the high end, the low end! Most gigs I can hit it. My approach to the guitar was principally about finding the right dynamics, and representing all of the parts. The electric guitar has hints of E minor in it, whereas I play the intro with straight major chords, for the most part. Em arguably works just as well or open fifths with no 3rd.

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The verses are just muted versions of E major which works fine in the verses , D and A. The little bridge section throws in C and G with the D and A. The chorus is still E, D, and A, but with that keyboard riff. That keyboard riff! Man, what a great riff.

Anyway, it sounds like it should be something like E to A, hearing that G to the A on the top. So what is it? It turns out to be E to D, which is awesome.

Don't You (Forget About Me)

Descending chords, but ascending inversions. The E is in 2nd inversion, so the G is on top, which leads to the top note of the D triad, A. So back to that riff: I wanted to maintain the main melody of the G to A, so I had to do a little inverting of my own. A word about rhythm. Won't you come see about me? I'll be alone, dancing you know it baby Tell me your troubles and doubts Giving me everything inside and out and Love's strange so real in the dark Think of the tender things that we were working on Slow change may pull us apart When the light gets into your heart, baby Don't You Forget About Me Don't Don't Don't Don't Don't You Forget About Me Will you stand above me?

Look my way, never love me Rain keeps falling, rain keeps falling Down, down, down Will you recognize me?

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Call my name or walk on by Rain keeps falling, rain keeps falling Down, down, down, down Hey, hey, hey, hey Ohhhh As you walk on by Will you call my name? When you walk away Or will you walk away? Will you walk on by? Come on - call my name Will you all my name? It was then offered to Bryan Ferry , who also declined. The record company then wanted Corey Hart , who had a hit at the time with " Sunglasses at Night ", but Forsey was against that idea. Idol did later record it for his compilation album Greatest Hits.

According to Simple Minds front man Jim Kerr , the band was reluctant to record the song as they felt they should only record their own material. The band relented after persuasion from Kerr's wife at the time, Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders , and a phone call from Forsey in which he expressed his admiration for the band. Continuing the rock direction recently taken on Sparkle in the Rain but also glancing back at their melodic synthpop past, it caught the band at their commercial peak and, propelled by the success of The Breakfast Club , became a number 1 hit in the US.

It is also the band's only number 1 hit on the US Top Rock Tracks chart, staying atop for three weeks. While only reaching number 7 in the UK, it stayed on the charts from to , one of the longest time spans for any single in the history of the chart. It soon became a fixture of the band's live sets — with an extended audience participation section during its inclusion on the tour to promote the band's Big Music album. Two versions were created for release. A short version, in duration, appeared on the single and the original motion picture soundtrack album of The Breakfast Club.

A longer version, in duration, was released as a inch single. This version contains longer breakdowns and drum fills, a second appearance of the bridge and a longer ending. John Leland from Spin wrote that "'Don't You Forget About Me,' a romantic and melancholy dance track, therefore cuts ice both in the living room and on the dance floor.

The music video, directed by Daniel Kleinman , takes place on a dance floor in a darkened room with a chandelier , a rocking horse , a jukebox , and television sets displaying scenes from The Breakfast Club. The room gets increasingly cluttered with random objects as the video progresses, up until the last minute. The video was published on YouTube on 3 December ; as of 16 May , it had been viewed more than million times.

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