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The text is original and 4 years old but, I assure you the paleo almond zucchini bread is still killer. This paleo almond zucchini bread is slightly crunchy on the outside and super moist on the inside. Hypocritical: Making this paleo almond zucchini bread the other day and then eating pasta for lunch. Yeah, that cup of sugar is totally balanced out by the grated zucchini, keep telling yourself that.

I actually think the coolest thing about the paleo diet is playing around with baked goods. When I fail and I can only push press 65 pounds while everyone around me is doing at least 25 pounds more than that, I get frustrated and want to throw things. Luckily, the weights in Crossfit are rubber and the paleo bread turned out awesome so no knives were flying around the kitchen.

It resulted in the best texture though, think somewhere between chopped nuts and sifted flour. Contrasted with the moistness from the zucchini…perfection. Like how do ground up almonds actually rise in the oven? I know that baking soda has something to do with it obviously , but it just seems like a hell of a lot of work for the poor baking soda compared to traditional flours. Items used in this recipe:. What a great bread recipe! Have a great weekend!! I have four mushy bananas just begging to be made into a bread.

I think this is going to be the bread! This looks like it has a really great texture, I love using magical ground almonds in baked goods. I love a lot of the paleo recipes but I could never give up grains completely. I did the same thing the other day. I ate paleo pancakes, a huge salad for lunch and a big old bowl of pesto pasta for dinner : Balance right?

Good job cracking the code though, it can be tricky. Almonds and zucchini…who would have thought they would make such a great combination? And I totally agree…how the heck do almonds rise in the oven?? You basically read my mind by creating this recipe! Bookmarked, planning to make next week You type that all in and it gives you html code. So I do it manually for each post. I think if you want it under a specific picture thats how you have to do it, all the plugin ones only show up on the top or bottom of the entire post.

I love cooking with almond flour. This looks so good and made with all healthy ingredients. Have a great weekend! I love cooking with flavorful almond flour. Really a great combo Gina! Love to try this one, as always. We appreciate you sharing your wonderful pictures.

Thanks for making our gallery more unique and exciting…Keep in touch! Mmmm, this looks great. This looks so tasty, the texture looks incredible. They look like decent sized slices too — I hate just getting a sliver of cake! Great recipe. I have to tell you that your bread is in the oven right now! I love that there is no sugar, just maple syrup! Who needs all that sugar? Pingback: Zucchini two ways - Jodi, fat or not. Love this recipe and your blog…you crack me up with your sarcasm and funny sayings.

I added another banana for sweetness, omitted the maple sugar and used a chia egg in place of the regular egg. Baked for 35 minutes. Seem undercooked and gooey. Will have to scoop them into a bowl and eat that way. Any ideas on what went wrong? Thanks and keep up the great work! Christine-thanks for the kind words. Also, make sure you bake it in mini loaf pans to help avoid the deflation thing.

Although, the substitutions you made could also be contributing to that. Gina, Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah, Iam sure the omitting of the eggs had a lot to do with it…I plan to make this again soon and will follow the recipe exactly!! After they cooled and were refrigerated, they firmed up quite a bit, not enough to cut into slices though. I plan on eating this in a bowl with blueberries and some non dairy milk for breakfast.

I love the taste and texture of this recipe. Also, I did use mini muffin pans and will use them again as mentioned. Again, thank you for the response and I look forward everyday to see what you post. Pingback: Paleo peach muffins. Hi all, first off this is a wonderful bread! Every time I bake with almond flour it turns very brown so I was thinking it was just how the flour bakes rather than the temp, but if you get a lighter result, let me know!

Glad you liked it and love all your substitutions! I substituted the maple syrup for Stevia. Thanks for sharing! Would using raw honey instead of maple syrup work with this recipe? I have a giant container of honey that I need to use! The bread ended up tasting great but being way too moist. Any advice? I just tried this recipe, and the flavor is absolutely delicious; the perfect cross between savory and sweet.

Oatmeal Sandwich Bread - 2 loaves

However, I had the same problem as Meagan. My bread came out way too moist; I drained my zucchini really well, first pressing it between 2 cutting boards with paper towels, then squeezing it again with more paper towel before I added it in. I also baked it for about 45 minutes instead of the This is a problem I have frequently with paleo baked goods the muffins I made yesterday did the same thing. Any words of wisdom? I made this in an 8. I also spread my shredded zucchini on un-papertowels, sprinkle with a wee bit of salt, and let them wet in a warm oven for a bit before I wring them out.

This ensures that you get out as much of the liquid as possible. I hope this is helpful! Any recommendations for alterntaive ways to sweeten the bread without changing the consistency? I was thinking of using dates. Can you please tell me how many calories is in this loaf? I just ate half in one sitting! Thank you. I bought a bag of hazelnut flour. Can I substitute the almond flour for hazelnut. My hope was that this would add a subtle sweetness while giving the oats a little something to help them hang on.

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Plus it came out deliciously soft. Almost all of it fell off as I was cutting of the bread. So I turned to my panel of experts aka: the Smarty-McSuperSmart followers on our Facebook Page and asked them what they did to keep the oats on the tops of their own homemade bread. Maybe something else? As is typically the case, my FB friends came through for me with some great suggestions for me to try next time. But you have to be careful when replacing wheat flour with oat flour. How are you most successful keeping those amendments such as oats or seeds sprinkled of the tops of your own loaves in place?

The dough tends to be a little stickier with the oat flour addition and I ended up adding just a touch more all purpose flour at kneading to get a workable dough even though it was still somewhat sticky afterward. But the end result was delicious! Still a delicious bread with or without the oats on top. Some of our neighbors have already mowed their yards and ours actually could use a mowing job as well. Thanks for your sweet compliment Charlotte. This oatmeal bread sounds healthy and delicious. I really want to try this.

Thanks for finding out how to get the oats to stick to the top of the loaf. Thank you for the recipe! The texture of the oat flour is similar to the texture of whole wheat, but a little lighter and not as gummy. Fabulous and thank you WasteLessWednesday. Thanks for sharing the tips on how to keep the oats on and for sharing on the Waste Less Wednesday Blog Hop! Sometimes I try to put oats on the top and sometimes not. But the helpful tips from our followers were much appreciated. I love that we can all learn from each other. I love that your recipe uses bacon grease. We always have plenty of that around!

Thanks for sharing on Simply Natural Saturdays. Do you use both wheat flour and oatmeal flour along with the regular flour? Or do you use only regular flour and oatmeal flour? Also, is the regular flour just all purpose flour or do you use bread flour? It was good but a little rich.. It was good with vanilla ice cream. Just put it in the oven, I doubled it so I would have one to enjoy and one to have at a later date.

Super easy to make. Is there nutritional content available? I am looking for things to give to my daughters swim team for healthier in season snacks and this sounded great! Do you have the nutritional values for this recipe? ITs so wonderful!! This is incredibly delicious.

My sister always raises an abundance of zucchini, so I was eager to try this for a carry-in dinner. It was a hit. I added a cup of chopped Pecans. I baked it for min. I substituted the brown sugar for honey as we have a lot of honey my mother has bee hives so I did change just one thing but it was amazing, thanks again:. No one would know there is zucchini in it. I plan to serve it to my son who has. PT eaten zucchini since he ate baby food. Oops, I should have proofread…gave it to my son who has not eaten it since he ate baby food.

I made this to take to the lake with the family for the weekend and everyone loved it!! It was good right out of the oven but even better the next day. I will for sure be making this again! What an awesome recipe! Had an abundance of zucchini from my garden and I made 7 loaves!! So delicious and super easy to make! I made this a week ago for a small group of women who devoured it and the oven is warming up now to make it again for my daughter.

I used Namaste gluten free flour because of allergies and it was phenomenal! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. I will be making it for the rest of my life! I love it!! Question can you freeze this bread and it still be as moist? Super delicious! Somewhere between cake and brownies. I made it into 3 mini loaves, about 1 cup of batter per pan, and baked 48 minutes. Looking forward to making more and sharing it. Really love this recipe!

Made a double batch last night and the family loved it. The bread has an intense chocolate flavor and is really moist. This recipe is definitely a keeper! This is a delicious and easy recipe—and a terrific way to use up the Zucchini that seems to grow overnight in the garden. I used the coconut oil. Calories per serving please? This bread is superb! Decadent chocolate-y deliciousness. Just made it and it was gone before it could completely cool down. This recipe is a keeper! Thank you for sharing. I love that i can taste the sea salt in the bread! I love sweet and salty i only had salted butter so maybe thats why it stands out more?

But yummm! That chocolate zucchini bread is to die for absolutely addicting!!!! So yummy. Thank you for this recipe. My family loved it. We were thinking it would be good with whip cream on it!! Made this tonight and it was so good!! Even my 2 Zucchini hating kids loved it and asked for seconds!

I tried this tonight and it was lovely! But the texture is heavenly—very light and moist! This s so tastey. It was a big hit at the cottage. Try adding mint chocolate chips. I was told it tastes like the chocolate mint Girl Guide cookies. Very good. Picked this recipe because of the high ratings. Did not disappoint. Just made this and it is amazing!!!!! I made this chocolate zucchini bread and it was sooo good! Surprised my family with this one.

They were stunned when I told them it had zucchini in it. I will make this one again. It was super easy and delicious!! Tried another loaf tonight and it is yummy and the batter was a much thinner consistency. I ate it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Easy to make — moist and delicious!!! Can never go wrong with chocolate AND chocolate chips.

Can the recipe be doubled? I am sure the first loaf will barely make it out of the over before it is scarfed down. I was given a huge zucchini by a co-worker and found your recipe! I have passed your link on to everyone I know!! Read under directions. I wonder if I could add some teaspberry jam to it? And if so would I have to add some flour to balance it out?

Kids loved it! Hubby too….. I am dying for some chocolate right now! This bread is delicious and fudgy.

Homemade Sandwich Bread Variation: Oatmeal

We loved it and it made our house smell great! This bread is delicious! Super moist and so rich in chocolate. It was still totally rich and decadent. Definitely going to remember this recipe next time I have zucchini on hand! I used the coconut oil option, too. SOooooooo good. I would like to try this recipe but make it into the 4 smaller loaf pans. How would you recommend I adjust the baking times to accommodate the little pans instead of the one big pan?

Hi im Edward,I Just made it today and it turned out really delicious! I recommend this recipe. Who ever made this recipe is a genius! Hope i could post a picture of it here. This is a fabulous recipe everyone loved it. No one would even know there was zucchini in side of it. It was just amazing I make it over and over for my family. This is the best recipe I ever tried from the internet!!!! But,I had an over-abundance of spaghetti squash and I thought I would use it instead of zucchini.

Guess what? I made this last night. It was quick, easy and no fuss. I took it to work and everyone loved it. Not too sweet which is perfect. This recipe is a winner!

Chocolate Zucchini Bread

Moist, chocolatey, decadent! Ooh la la we loved this chocolate zucchini bread! It was a hit, thank you!! Loved it. I doubled the recipe because I was gives a giant zucchini. It was perfect. I have made this so many times, because people keep asking for it. I always use chopped walnuts in mine. Made this bread the other day, it was awesome! Moist, not too sweet, but seriously rich, chocolatey-decadence. Better than a chocolate brownie and more healthy!

No-Knead 5-Minute Artisan Bread Recipe | Leite's Culinaria

I made the Chocolate Zucchini Bread this past Saturday. Wow — it was beyond delicious. I followed the recipe exactly. It was moist, with a deep chocolate flavor. It was oh so good. And it was easy to make — which was a nice bonus.

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Will definitely be making this again and again. Thank you for the fantastic recipe. This is such an amazing recipe! Super easy and sooooo yummy! I have made it three times now. This last time u doubled the batch. I did omit the butter and used coconut oil instead. Thank you so much for this recipe, my family thanks you! This one you can feel the cocoa and the semi sweet choc chips come together to give that slight bitter taste but still sweet, just not overly.

Super moist!! Will definitely make again! It is amazing!!!! Thanks so much for sharing! Turned out great! I made a double batch and it still turned out the way it should. This recipe is so delicious! Thank you for sharing it! My family loves zucchini and we always seem to have a few in the fridge at all times. I really like how this recipe is versatile too. Thanks again for the delicious recipe! We loved your recipe. I was wondering for next time do you think I can replace the flour with almond flour instead. I substituted coconut oil for the butter, flax meal for eggs, and left out the chocolate chips to make it vegan.

Omg was this delicious. Absolutely divine! Total winner recipe — this is always a hit. I would like to know what kind of loaf pan you used. How manny innches.

The Moroccan Bread, all kinds that you have to try

Thank you for tour answer. We use this as a desert. I have enough batter for three small loaves. I want to take one to a friend and keep two. Do you know what the baking time should be? Easy and delicious! The bread came out so moist with a slight chocolate flavor, not over powering. So moist and chocolatey. When your shredding the zucchini do you have to drain it or put it in the paper towel as it is a very watery type of veggie?

I would not want to have this recipe be a flop! Thank you for all you hunt and delicious recipes!! You are using Dutch chocolate and baking soda??? I use it for this recipe and I think it is just fine. You can use unsweetened cocoa if you wish, but the bread works well with both. I made it with the soda, although they say you should use baking powder with dutched chocolate. It is very moist and oh, so, chocolatey.

I still wonder what it would be like if I used baking powder instead, if it would raise more…. Thanks for the recipe! Absolutely delicious! I made this for my husband and he devoured it! This recipe is a definite keeper! My husband calls it cake though. We had a number of scallop patty pan squash from our garden. I used this instead of zucchini. I added some macadamia nuts. No one can even tell that there is squash in it. This recipe is a keeper. I made this recipe and only subbed in chocolate chunks and made them in muffin form same temp, 25 mins. I also squeezed my extremely watery homegrown zuc.

I made it yesterday and plan to make it again soon. Could this be made with chocolate, bananas, zucchini and coconut? Or has anyone made it this way? This cake is phenomenal. I safely doubled the recipe and it made two standard size loaves, three minis and 5 cupcakes. I understand applesauce, half vegetable oil. What a hit! Shorter baking time for the minis and cupcakes, of course. We had previously tried a recipe for chocolate zucchini bread that used honey as the sweetener. Not the same for this recipe. Thank you! This looks so moist and delicious!

Tastes just like a chocolate cake.