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Stockton, himself in the putting pantheon, has recently reemerged as the architect of Phil Mickelson's resurgence on the greens. Mainly I got his hands ahead again with his old forward press. The ball started rolling in, and he said what a lot of people say when I help them, 'This is the way I used to putt when I was a kid.

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Miller was at his oracular best, free to elaborate on everything golf rather than fit his thoughts into the quicker sound bites that television requires. A host of other greats, including Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus, made donations.

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And Tom Watson offered the most coveted item for the auction, a framed series of photos from his shots on the 72nd hole at Turnberry, accompanied by his handwritten reflections on the experience. It was an intimate, emotional day that was both melancholy and deeply gratifying for Donna. Donna first learned of George's illiteracy on one of their first dates in the late 50s.

Shadowing My Gregarious GOP Grandma at the Republican National Convention

After that, we took the bus until California instituted an oral test. Then he got so tall, they just jumped him up to fifth grade. I mean, how did he have a chance after that, losing those years? Later in life we tried tutors, but they had very little effect. The problems have to be addressed early by qualified people, because they are almost always complex. George was partly dyslexic, but he also had an audio problem, where he heard words differently. He always said "idear" for "idea. And he somehow managed to get his high school diploma.

It's heartbreaking, because George was smart enough and tough enough to figure out some way, but it took so much of his energy, and he was always worried that he would be found out and embarrassed. If someone asked him to read something, he'd always say he forgot his glasses. If a fan asked him to sign an autograph "To Priscilla," well, he was sunk.

But George would say, give me your name and address and I'll send you a photo and an autograph. And he always would.

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But he missed out on a lot. Sometimes he was short with reporters because he feared long interviews. He had to turn down things like commercials because he knew he couldn't read a script. And it was such a shame, because he was so likeable and people would have loved him. Before he died, Archer agreed to let Donna make his situation public so other children could be helped.

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Subsequent events led her to start the George Archer Memorial Foundation for Literacy, which received the proceeds from Archer's tournament. Based in San Mateo, the foundation identifies second and third graders who need help and provides them with specialized tutoring. So kids don't have to go through what George did. And that's why I'm so determined. In one instance, there was a problem getting natural light into the kitchen while at the same time providing the chef with some privacy to cook and direct his assistants. A study of Latin fish names provided us with a solution: a typographic shoal in a frosted glass sea that offered both light and privacy.

The chef now works behind his catch. Then the building inspectors demanded safety manifestations on the new glass entrance lobby. A study of several fishing books helped us create a line of fishes to match the menu. It is a great way to introduce customers to their fish dishes. The more conventional design tasks were not overlooked.

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Of particular note was the restaurant menu. For Atelier, this had been the subject of a longstanding and unfathomable question; why was it that conventional menus were normally A4 and open out to become A3, when space at a typical restaurant table was so limited? A quick office survey supported our suspicions; opening large menus led to overturned wine glasses, disarranged place settings, and an intrusion upon the personal space of whoever may be sitting next to you.

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We set to work to solve this conundrum, and after experiments at the Atelier dining table we came up with an inexpensive disposable 'paper roll' menu no wider than the description of a typical Fish Central dish required. By feeding the roll menu up from under the table, holding it between both hands, it was possible to read the whole menu and 'keep one's elbows in at the table'— just as our grandmothers always told us to do. Quite apart from an outbreak of improved table manners in the restaurant, Fish Central love the new menus because there's not so much red wine spilt on pristine white linen tablecloths nowadays.