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Twitter user Lucas7yoshi, a data-miner who often leaks Fortnite information ahead of time, has discovered some Fortnite code indicating that a Stranger Things set of cosmetic items was coming to the game that will include a Demogorgon skin. As part of the stranger things set, there is presumably a "Demogorgon" skin, based on the presence of a string matching that and being added this patch.

I don't exactly know much about the series so take it as you will. If the Stranger Things and Fortnite crossover does include a limited-time mode, then it could be a huge spoiler for the third Stranger Things season. It would be easy for Epic Games to reskin the zombie-like Fortnitemares monsters as Demogorgons and have that be the event, but we could be in store for something much more epic.

Stranger Things Season 3 will be released on Netflix July 4, Entertainment Fortnite Share Subscribe. Neck-and-neck the entire time, the Dolls and Chicks traded off the lead for the entire first half. It was plain to see that both teams wanted their first win of the season. The Dolls pulled ahead right at the end of the first, thanks to a massive 24 25?

The first half ended with the Dolls up The second period kicked off with the Chicks clamouring to get ahead.

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It reminded me of going into pet stores and seeing talking parrots. The message of the series is to explore everything life has to offer and to be nice to everyone you meet. Henry is grateful for his life and treats everyone with compassion and respect, which is what everyone should do. I give this DVD 5 out of 5 stars, recommend it to kids ages 6 to 18 and adults would enjoy it too. This comes out on DVD August 15, This DVD is very educational and cute. A child can acquire so many positive traits and behaviors from watching this show.

The animation is so cute. I have never seen this style of animation before. In this show, Henry meets a new object every day and goes on adventures learning more about them. He helps his object friends with their problems and learns the correct way to act in different situations. He learns to be fair, honest and kind.

I love the plot of Henry meeting a new object. That is very original. One interesting thing is that all of the objects trees, clouds, pillars have eyes on them. The eyes are huge and wide, even on Henry. Another thing is that everything is always moving. For example, all the trees in the background sway in the wind.

There are tiny details like that which make everything seem a bit more life like. The two boots argue with each other about who is the best. The two boots play a game together with the football and eventually get super tired. This reminds me of when me and my brother argue and it made me laugh. I wonder if the boots are siblings as well. There are multiple message in the stories. The most common ones are about being honest, kind to others, playing fair and facing your fears. These are all very important and good to teach to children at an early age. This DVD is great for young children who are ready to learn.

I recommend it ages 3 to 7 and give it 3 out of 5 stars. The animation is super cute and unique, but the stories are not all that original. Still this is a wonderful DVD and is available now, so check it out! This is truly a neat little program. This show is exactly as it sounds. He goes on tons of wacky adventures and I loved every minute of it. The art is goofy and feels as if it came from a child. I believe that is appealing to children who think that they too could create such a little journey.

In this episode, Henry helps a panda at the zoo search for its cousin and, in turn, becomes a zookeeper for the day. I think this show really inspires adventure and curiosity. I recommend this DVD for ages 3 to 5 and give it 5 out of 5 stars. Rebecca Hawkes 04 December The show, produced by Wiggleywoo, features a friendly four-year-old boy called Henry, who learns from his conversations with the different characters he meets each episode.

The series will air on the new on-demand venture from Jetsen Huashi TV. It follows a four-year-old boy as he goes about meeting various objects and people. The No. Jetsen Huashi Kids, the animation department of Jetsen Huashi TV, works with many worldwide-known copyright holders; including Turner, Francetv, Newen, Iconix; and exclusively distributes more than premium famous titles!

Chicks Ahoy Take Down the Dolls

Henry is a 4 year old boy who always wants to learn and find out more. So each episode he has a friendly chat with what ever he meets -. He finds out so many amazing things about his new friends, he lets his imagination run wild and imagines himself.

Monster School : BRAVE 3 - Minecraft animation

Before he leaves he always tells his new friends it was lovely talking to them and hopes they have a nice day. The Day Henry Met…? Being picked up by many companies around the world and broadcast in countries from January ! The series is distributed by Monster Entertainment. Jetsen Huashi has picked up the series for its new kids-centric on-demand venture. Monster Entertainment also has very successful music programmes also available in Spanish. Based in West Palm Beach, FL, Olympusat is one of the largest independent media corporations specializing in ownership, distribution, production and technical services.

Nickelodeon International has also committed to seasons three and four less than a year after acquiring the first two. The Day Henry Met follows a boy who has a conversation with everything he meets. The Day Henry Met has had such great ratings that Nickelodeon International, less than a year after picking up seasons 1 and 2, has renewed the rights for these seasons as well as committing to seasons 3 and 4.

The series continues to hold the attention of young audiences the world over with Free TV broadcasters ABC Australia, and Eesti in Estonia all signing up for season 3 as well. RUV in Iceland has just picked up Season 1 of the show. Monster Ent. On the roster:. Monster has also agreed a deal with distribution firm JY Animation, which will represent the series in China. With production now wrapped, the 52 x two-minute series for kids ages four to eight is ready for delivery.

Both seasons were sold into a total of 70 territories. September 29, The new series from Salty Dog Pictures follows the adventures of six-year-old Maggie and her best friend Brewster as they find out the answers to questions only children could think to ask!

Chicks Ahoy Take Down the Dolls - Toronto Roller Derby

The show, produced by Salty Dog Pictures, follows the adventures of six-year-old Maggie and her best friend Brewster as they find out the answers to questions only children could think to ask. A third season will go into production soon. The 30x5mins show for 3-to-6s aims to bring together stories of adventure, friendship and the joys of helping others and being well mannered. DirecTV has picked up seasons five and six of the show and will broadcast it in 35 territories across Latin America and the Caribbean on entertainment channel OnDirecTV.

Irish distributor Monster is shopping the show internationally and has already secured the deal with Disney and a sale to SRC for French-speaking Canada. Further episodes are already in development. Additional support comes from the Section incentive in Ireland. Further episodes are in development. They navigate their friendship, and the world around them with physical humour, slapstick comedy and a lot of heart. The pair bump into other local residents from time to time. A sleepy walrus or two, a horde of seagull tourists and delicious fish all encounter the boisterous heroes during their exploits.

Dublin-based Monster Entertainment has flown the coop for Singapore and its first Asia Television Forum, and it brought along some of its most animated friends. Set for delivery in May , the show follows six-year-old Maggie and her best friend Brewster, who just happens to be a rooster, as they explore their island home making discoveries about the animals that inhabit it. The adventures of the plucky little bird have won over broadcasters around the globe, including KiKA Germany , Nordisk Scandinavia , Hop!

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Israel , Why J S. Korea , Urania Czech Rep. In every episode Henry, a charming, inquisitive Irish lad, meets something new, which becomes the focus of his journey of discovery and adventure, ultimately teaching viewers about real-life objects and occupations.

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  8. The Day Henry Met a Whale! The colourful, hand-drawn series is ideal for preschoolers.

    Hulafrog is the must-read email for in-the-know parents around town.

    The show was launched at MIP Junior Monster Entertainment is the Distributor. Whether they are having a dance-off with some seagulls, trying to walk over the moon, or building a BBQ on the ice, the penguins always have an adventure up their sleeve. Meet the other local residents who appear from time to time.

    Targeting children ages four to seven. The targeted 13x22mins series follows the nine-year-old Jabu and his magic talking drum as they explore the jungle helping animals in need.